CS605 Short Notes for Final Term

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CS605 Short Notes for Final Term. Aslam u Alaikum dear students. If you are looking for CS605 Short Notes for Final Term file? Then you are visiting the right website. I provided the perfect solution here according to my efforts. If there is any mistake then please correct it before submitting the VULMS account and before midterm and final term exams preparation. Thanks



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CS605 Short Notes for Final Term
CS605 Short Notes for Final Term

The second category of database users are end users, they belong to this group of users people who use application-developed database application programs programmers. This category also contains two types of users:
• Naive users
• Sophisticated users
• Naive users

This category of users is a category that simply uses application database programs created by programmers. This group has no interaction with other parts database and use only programs intended for them. He doesn’t have to worry about further work with the database.
• Sophisticated users:
This type of user has some additional rights over naive users, which means that they they can access the data stored in the database in any way they want.

They can access data using application programs and other ways of accessing data. Although this type of users have more rights to access data, but these users have to take more and must be aware of database structure. Moreover, such users should be skilled enough to be able to retrieve data from the database during production and damage or loss of data in the database.

o Database Administrators (DBAs): This class of database users is the most technical class of database users. They need to have knowledge of how to design and manage database usage and manage data in the database. DBA is a very responsible position in an organization. He is responsible responsible for the correct functioning of the database and DBMS database backups and take necessary steps to restore the database in case of a database crash. A DBA needs a huge amount to meet the requirements of a DBA position
experience and very elegant technical skills.

CS605 Short Notes for Final Term

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