ICT Fund BETHA Program 2025 For Emirati Students

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ICT Fund BETHA Program 2025 For Emirati Students The ICT Fund BETHA Program 2025 for Emirati Students is a scholarship program that enables students to pursue higher education in the UAE. It is available for those who meet the requirements. To be eligible for this program, you must be a citizen of the UAE and hold a valid visa. In addition to this, you should be enrolled in a higher education program. You should also have a satisfactory academic record.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Undergraduate, Masters
  • Institution(s): Institutions in below countries
  • Study in: UAE, USA, Australia or Japan
  • Program Period: Four years for undergraduate and two years for masters
  • Deadline: No specific deadline (Applications are open now)

Scholarship Coverage

ICT Fund BETHA Program for graduates and undergraduates that is fully / partially funded.

Documents required

The ICT Fund BETHA Program is one of the many educational opportunities offered by the UAE. The fund, run by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, provides free or low-cost education to qualified students, ranging from bachelor’s to doctoral degrees. In a nutshell, the fund’s main aim is to raise the quality of education in the ICT sector. To accomplish this, the fund collaborates with a number of universities and study organizations. It also awards hundreds of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

ICT includes topics like computer science and information technology. The fund has partnered with major universities across the emirate to offer its students an array of perks. Some of the most popular benefits include travel grants to leading institutions and a scholarship program to support promising young students.

Another awe-inspiring development is the Vision 2021 project, an ambitious national program to develop a better future for the United Arab Emirates. Although it has only been in existence for a few years, it has already produced some significant results. A key component of the vision is the First-Rate Education plan, which outlines the most important developments in the UAE’s education system. This includes a plan to boost TIMSS rankings and increase the enrolment of pupils in early education.

As part of the vision, the UAE has launched the BETHA program, a new and innovative scholarship scheme that will offer hundreds of scholarships to Emirati students. The program will cover the costs of tuition, accommodation and living expenses while they are enrolled in an academic program at a university or university-affiliated institution. Students are required to be at least high school graduates and not currently employed. Applicants will be selected based on a variety of criteria.

Other notable programs include the Emirates Foundation’s Young Entrepreneurs Program, which gives young people the resources they need to turn their ideas into reality. Furthermore, the ICT Fund’s Betha program has made it possible for Emirati students to take part in a variety of ICT-related courses and certify a handful of master’s degree candidates in computer science and electronics.

Eligibility criteria

ICT Fund is offering a scholarship to students who are interested in studying in the UAE. The fund, which was established by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, is intended to boost technological education in the country. In order to be considered for the scholarship, applicants must meet the criteria below.

Applicants should be citizens of the United Arab Emirates. They must also have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in their Bachelor’s degree. Also, male applicants must have a NOC from the National Service Authority. Those with TOEFL scores of 210 or higher will receive full scholarships.

The fund provides hundreds of scholarships to students who are interested in IT-related fields. These scholarships cover tuition fees and other expenses. However, the program does not provide monthly allowances.

Students are required to complete their studies on the scholarship. Aside from the scholarship, there are several additional benefits. For instance, the students will have access to a network of global experts. This helps students discover more about data-driven solutions. Moreover, the program gives students a chance to explore their leadership potential.

The scholarship program aims to help students increase their capabilities and contribute to the overall economic growth of the UAE. It is designed for both local and international students. As an addition, the program includes accident and sickness coverage.

ICT Fund is collaborating with numerous universities. Students are selected on the basis of their leadership skills and societal contribution. Furthermore, the program awards scholarships to distinguished learners. Moreover, it focuses on technological education and innovative ideas.

Aside from providing a scholarship, the BETHA program also allows students to study abroad for free. Currently, this scholarship program is open to UAE citizens and graduates. To apply, applicants must complete an online form.

Eligible candidates should provide an official IBAN letter. They should also include the seal of their bank. Applicants should also be able to demonstrate that they have not received any other financial assistance. If they do not qualify, they may reapply after one semester of university study.

Moreover, if they have a GPA of at least 3.5, they can apply for the Master’s program. During the application process, they should apply for a specialization in information technology.

Scholarships available in the UAE

The ICT Fund BETHA program for UAE students is an exciting opportunity to receive scholarships for pursuing your dreams in the Information Technology field. This program was established by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to stimulate rapid development in the UAE’s ICT sector. It offers hundreds of scholarships for undergraduate and graduate studies.

The ICT Fund is operated by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, the government agency that regulates the telecom industry in the United Arab Emirates. In 2007, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority launched the ICT Fund, which aims to increase the technological and leadership skills of UAE citizens, as well as promote innovation in the UAE’s ICT sector.

As part of the initiative, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has signed two agreements, worth over AED 42 million, with two leading education institutions. These agreements are designed to build an Emirati generation that is able to keep up with the changing world.

One of these agreements is the Future Global Leaders Fellowship. The Fellowship identifies and selects high-achieving first-generation university students to prepare them for the Fortis Society.

Another of the scholarships offered is the Humphrey Fellowship Program. It provides a scholarship to foreign nationals, as well as covers tuition fees at the host university. Other benefits include accident and sickness coverage, settling-in allowances, and pre-academic English language training.

There are many other scholarships available in the UAE. For example, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation offers scholarships to students from Cambodia. Khalifa University also provides scholarships to UAE nationals. And the Roads and Transport Authority offers scholarships to outstanding high school graduates.

However, there are some basic requirements for all the scholarships listed above. Most importantly, applicants must be a citizen of the UAE, and have a high school education. Additionally, they must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in their Bachelor’s degree.

Interested students should take the time to read through the rules and regulations of the various scholarships. They should be sure to obey the instructions accurately. Also, they should submit complete and well-organized documents. By following these guidelines, they will stand out among the competition.

Application process

There are many scholarships offered by the government of the UAE, as well as international organizations. These scholarships are designed to help students overcome financial barriers and achieve academic goals. In addition, these scholarships provide an opportunity to learn innovative courses and skills.

The ICT Fund offers several different educational scholarships to Emirati students, including the Betha scholarship. This program provides scholarships for telecommunications, information technology, and computer engineering. Students can also apply for the ADS (Abu Dhabi Scholarship) program for existing undergraduate students. If you are interested in applying for one of these programs, you should review the application process below.

Applicants must be citizens of the UAE. They must have completed their high school education, and be able to meet other requirements. Some scholarships offer stipends or monthly allowances to cover expenses while studying. Others allow students to study abroad.

Depending on your field of study, you may need to pass an English or language test. Tests include TOEFL, GMAT, and IELTS. Applicants are selected based on their grades and long-term plans. Those who are not selected can apply again after completing their first semester.

One of the ways that the ICT Fund helps to promote the growth of the UAE’s ICT industry is by awarding hundreds of undergraduate and graduate degrees to qualified Emirati students. Moreover, the BETHA program allows students to go to universities in other countries, free of charge.

The Betha Program is now open for applications from UAE students. Interested parties can submit their applications by January 20th. All applicants should have an official IBAN letter that is sealed. Applicants must also provide a family book.

Currently, the ICT Fund is working on a variety of projects to improve the UAE’s ICT sector. The Betha initiative is just one of the ways the organization is assisting national leaders in pursuing ICT careers.

Ultimately, the ICT Fund is committed to helping the national education system improve its capacity to provide quality education in ICT-related disciplines. As a result, more and more Emiratis are receiving top-notch education in their home country and pursuing higher education abroad.


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