Important CS301 Short Notes

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Important CS301 Short Notes. Aslam u Alaikum dear students. If you are looking for Important CS301 Short Notes file? Then you are visiting the right website. I provided the perfect solution here according to my efforts. If there is any mistake then please correct it before submitting the VULMS account and before midterm and final term exams preparation. Thanks



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Important CS301 Short Notes
Important CS301 Short Notes

The examples could be endless and please note that the data that is given about the various things in the table above are not the only data that can be defined or stored these things. As explained in the above definition, there can be many facts about each thing we hold data about; it depends on what exactly we are going to store from the perspective of the person or organization that wants to store the data.

For example, if you are thinking about food, the data that needs to be kept about the food from the point of view of a the cook is different from the one who eats it. Think of a dish like Karhahi Ghost facts about karhahi ghosht that the cook likes to keep can be the amount of salt, green and red chilies, garlic, water, cooking time, and the like.

Where as a customer he is interested in chicken or meat, then black or red chili, then weight, then price and so on that. Well, there are certainly some things in common, but some things are also different. The the point is that perspective or point of view makes a difference in what we store; however, the main thing is that the database stores the data.

A database management system (DBMS), on the other hand, is a software or tool that serves to manage the database and its users. DBMS consists of various components or subsystem, which we will study later. Each DBMS subsystem or component performs different functions, so a DBMS is a collection of different programs, but all work together to manage the data stored in the database and its users.

Important CS301 Short Notes

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