CS304 Short Notes for Final Term and Mid Term

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CS304 Short Notes for Final Term and Mid Term. Aslam u Alaikum dear students. If you are looking for CS304 Short Notes for Final Term and Mid Term file? Then you are visiting the right website. I provided the perfect solution here according to my efforts. If there is any mistake then please correct it before submitting the VULMS account and before midterm and final term exams preparation. Thanks



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CS304 Short Notes for Final Term and Mid Term
CS304 Short Notes for Final Term and Mid Term

Traditional file processing system or simple file processing system refers to the former
a computerized approach to handling commercial or business applications. I .e
why is it also called manual file system replacement.

Before using the computer data in offices or business was kept in files (good from that point of view).
some offices can still be thought of in the pre-computer age).Obviously it was
laborious, time-consuming, inefficient, especially in the case of large organizations.

Originally designed for engineering purposes, computers were seen as a blessing,
because they helped in efficient management, but the environment for processing files simply transferred manual work with files to computers. The processing thus became very fast and efficient,
but as file processing systems were used.

Their problems and some of them were also realized were very strict as discussed later.
It is not necessary for us to understand how a file processing environment works
understanding the database and its work. However, a comparison between
the features of these two definitely help to understand the benefits of databases

The diagram represents a typical traditional file processing environment. Main point
the interdependence of program and data, i.e. program and data, is emphasized
they depend on each other, they depend on each other too much. As a result of any change
in one it affects the other.

This is something that makes change very painful or
problematic for system designers or developers. What do we mean by change?

CS304 Short Notes for Final Term and Mid Term

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