CS604 Short Notes for Final Term

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CS604 Short Notes for Final Term. Aslam u Alaikum dear students. If you are looking for CS604 Short Notes for Final Term file? Then you are visiting the right website. I provided the perfect solution here according to my efforts. If there is any mistake then please correct it before submitting the VULMS account and before midterm and final term exams preparation. Thanks



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CS604 Short Notes for Final Term
CS604 Short Notes for Final Term

o Metadata: To store data related to any entity or object existing at the level of the real world we define the way the data will be stored in the database. This is called Meta data. Meta data it is also known as a schema for real-world data. It says what type of data it will be stored in the database, what will be the size of a certain attribute of real world data, how many and what attributes will be used to store data about the entity in the database.

Example: Name , Character type, field of 25 characters, Age, Date type, size 8 bytes Class, alphanumeric, 8-byte array.
o Existence of data:
The existence of a data layer shows the actual data related to entities as a real-world layer according to the rules defined at the Meta Data level.
Example: As defined at the Meta data level Actual Data or Data.

The occurrence of the entity at the real world level is shown below: Name Age Class
Ali 8/20/1979 MCS-I Amir 22/3/1978 MCS-II etc…Database Management System (CS403) VU
© Copyright Virtual University of Pakistan 24 Giant. 2: Data levels
Users of database systems:
o Application programmers
o End users
• Naive
• Sophisticated

o Application programmers: This database user category contains people who create different types
database application programs that we saw earlier. Design of application programmers application according to the needs of other database users in a certain Environment. Application programmers are experienced people who have a clear idea structure of the database and clearly know about the needs of the organizations. o End of U

CS604 Short Notes for Final Term

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