CS001 midterm solved past papers by waqar siddhu

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cs001 midterm solved past papers by waqar siddhu

Types of Computers
There are five basic types of computers.
Top Computers Are computers very fast, and because of their speed and memory, they can do functions that would not work on PCs or mainframes.
Advantages of advanced computers
High speed
Very accurate
Very expensive
Titan-Computers, k-Computers and Tianhe-2
Mainframe computers
Mainframes are computers where all processing is done in the middle, and user terminals
they are called “dumb terminals” because they only include input and output (and do not process). Mainframes are computers used extensively by large organizations for sensitive applications, processing data in bulk as a census. Examples: banks and airlines.
Examples PTC, PIA, banks and other organizations in Pakistan use large computers
A server is a central electronic machine that exchanges data with all connected devices.
Dell, HP and Acer
PC is an acronym for Personal Computer, also known as Microcomputer. Its physical features and low cost are attractive and useful for their users. In all files In the 1970s and 1980s, home computers were used for home use, offering their own personalized products
production, programming and games, while large and expensive systems (although still cheaper than laptops and mainframes) was intended office use and small business use.
HP, Dell, IBM and Apple Macintosh
Game Console
Game Console is a device that allows one or more people to play a game. These are manageable devices.
Microsoft XBOX 360, Nintendo WII and Sony PlayStation
Mobile computers A laptops include all standard desktop computers, including
display, keyboard, pointing device (touch pad, also known as track pad, or pointing
stick) and battery on one portable object.
For example
Mobile devices
A mobile device is a computer device that can be easily set manually. It has a small computer more powerful than your computers.
For example
Book Reader, Digital Camera and smart phones
Embedded computers
The embedded computer is a small, compact computer that can be repaired as part of any product.

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cs001 midterm solved past papers by waqar siddhu

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