cs001 midterm solved past papers by moaaz

CS001 midterm solved past papers by moaaz

cs001 midterm solved past papers by moaaz

Computer Technology License (CS-001)
Part 01
Introduction to Environmental Training and Computer Basics CPL stands for Computer Operating License, also known as VU-CPL. It’s a computer a training course based on all who are interested in computer literacy applications, after learning this course you will be comfortable and confident about computer use.
You can become proficient in computer literacy by learning about it
http://cpl.vu.edu.pk/ specifically designed for this course. It has six modules.
Part 1 – Introduction to Computers
Part 2 – Using a computer and managing files
Part 3 – Processing the Word
Part 4 – Spreadsheets
Part 5 – Introduction
Part 6 – Internet and communication
The purpose of the above six modules is to provide sufficient information about the computer and its use to perform your daily computer-related tasks with ease and confidence.
CPL Training Environment
The website is designed for this course and has its own training ground.
The home page has six smart module links.
using mouse click.
What is a computer?
A computer is an electronic device that captures data, instructions, and information as input generate output (details) after processing it.
Results as taught or edited.Privacy benefits
1- Efficiency
Machines work much better than humans. They can do millions of calculations with little effort at some point.
2- Honesty
Computer work is more reliable than man-made. Computers do according to the instructions given which make the exit or the results issued by the above it is accurate and reliable. For example, a computer could make millions of counting errors less than a second.
3- Storage
Computers give you the ability to store big data in one place. For example,
you can save all library information on one computer.
4- Quick results
Computers were able to perform many complex tasks in a very short time. Every day
computer operating speed increases so that it works faster. The latest computers are
you can do thousands of commands and count in less than a minute which is
it used to take hours with older PCs.

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