cs001 midterm solved papers by moaaz

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cs001 midterm solved papers by moaaz.

Basic computer names

Anything that goes into a computer is called an input. For example, texts, clear sounds, etc. daily life is an example of inserting a voting slip in a vote.
Input devices
The input device is any peripheral (piece of computer equipment) used to provide data and computer instruction, for example keyboard and microphone. Daily life An example is a hand used to insert a voting slip into a ballot box. So the hand goes in a ballot box device.
The result
Anything that comes out of a computer is called an output. For example the sound of play
video on the computer is a product of release A hardware extraction device used to retrieve output from a computer. For example Headphones are an output device and are used to listen to audio on a computer.
The computer is provided with data and instructions such as input, which is used to create output in the file information form. Data is a raw form of symbols, numbers, pictures, etc.
data is a systematic, meaningful and useful way of data. For example, some data (student roll number, name, total marks, marks obtained etc.) from the internal examination is included.
The computer analyzes the information, creates a pass report and files the students. This report is over it is organized and usable, and thus it becomes more detailed than just data.

Storage, also called memory, is the computer’s ability to store data, data, or commands. It can store digital data in RAM, hard disks or removable memory.
Storage Devices
Storage devices are used to store data when not in memory. Many The most common types are USB drive, hard disk and CD-ROM and DVD.
Computer hardware
Hardware refers to computer hardware. Examples of computer hardware keyboard, monitor, mouse and processing unit. Unlike software, Hardware is material, while software is physical. Computer hardware and software are connected, without software; computer hardware there would be no work.
How does a computer use its hardware?
The term software refers to programs or sets of commands that a computer is using computer performance. Software can also be defined as a set of methods, rules and figurative languages ​​that control hardware performance. The software is capable performing certain functions, unlike hardware that performs only the functions of machinery designed for equipment. We can think or write instructions, but we cannot touch them Software is not portable (you cannot handle it as hardware).
No weight.
Not like hardware.
Software used for computer use.

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cs001 midterm solved papers by moaaz

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