CS605 Assignment 2 Solution 2022

CS605 Assignment 2 Solution 2022. It should be clear that your assignment will not receive any credit. The assignment is submitted after the submission deadline. The submitted job will not open or the file is corrupted. Your assignment is copied from the internet, handouts, or from any other student. So we can say that data and behavior are tightly linked inside the object, and both the information structure and the details of the implementation of its operations are hidden from the outside world. CS605 Assignment 2 Solution 2022

Question #1: You must choose an appropriate name for each description given in the table below. You only need to write the index numbers. No alphabetizing the names in the table below for each description. Note: Only a solution as per the above guidelines will be acceptable. CS605 Assignment 2 Solution 2022

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Consider an old hedge trimmer that consists of a single switch to operate it. The device starts immediately after pressing a single switch, which ensures its simplicity compared to modern hedge trimmers that use at least two switches and probably some extra electronics. CS605 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2022
Both switches must be activated in order to operate the device, and the switches are arranged in such a way that you need both hands to activate. In addition, modern hedge trimmers have a soft start, which inherently serves as a kind of notification to the operator. The disadvantage of the modern ones is that they contain more electrical parts than the older ones.

Consider a smoke detector located in a building that produces many false alarms. Since this device produces many false alarms, which means that it announces dangerous situations, in reality everything is fine. The sensor element of this smoke detector may be too sensitive, so slightly reducing the sensitivity may improve its performance. CS605 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2022

CS605 Assignment 2 Solution 2022

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