cs508 midterm solved past papers by moaaz

cs508 midterm solved past papers by moaaz

cs508 midterm solved past papers by moaaz

The First Programmer was a Lady:

Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace, lived in London at Dickens and Prince Albert (again
he knew them both). One hundred years before other good minds in the world used national resources to build a digital computer, these two experts of eccentric inventormathe maticists dreamed of building a “Analytical Engine”. He builds what works prototype and used it, anonymously successfully, in a big money winning scheme horse racing. Despite their apparent failures, Babbage was the first true computer designer, and Ada was the author of the first edition of history.

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Zuse’s Plankalkül – 1945
The language was designed by a German scientist who was isolated during the Second World War: The war was also discovered and published in 1972.
It has never been used but includes the following interesting features:
• Type of data includes floating point, order, records, nesting records
• There was a sense of advanced data types and structures
• There was no clear goto
• The idea of ​​repetition existed
• There were options outside the other section
• It also had the idea of ​​impossibility and certainty
Zuse used this language to solve many problems. The list of programs includes filters,
graph connection, wholesale and floating statistics, operators with operators first, and to play chess. It may be noted that many of these problems are always challenge for some time.
The language had clear text so it was difficult to use. However, the number of the editor of the editing language wonders if this language was originally known, we may never have seen languages ​​like FORTRAN and COBOL. Assemblers, Assembly Language, and Speed ​​Coding. Initially, programs were usually typed. It suffers from illiteracy and inconsistencies – additions and deletions of orders. Speech encoding was boring. Moreover, the machines did not support the point of float and index and these items had to be coded manually.

In 1954, John Backus performed what became known as IBM 701 Speedcoding False mathematical and mathematical operations, conditional and unconditional branch, and automatic escalation registers for access to the same members. It was slow as it was being translated and after loading the interpreter, there are only 700 words left for the user program. However, it did the function of the program has been much simpler compared to the previous situation.
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cs508 midterm solved past papers by moaaz

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