CS504 Assignment 1 Solution 2023

CS504 Assignment 1 Solution 2023. Total Questions : 02                                                        Total Marks: 20

CBE (Computer Based Examination) Scheduler is a web-based application that eases the process of Exam scheduling. Students can choose any slot or date or venue from the available ones as per their own convenience and availability.


Some of the functional requirements are:

See also:

  • Students online enrolment (as a candidate), and approval by Admin staff.
  • Interface for Administrative staff for entering the available resources (venues, no. of Labs, no. of seats etc.) in the system.
  • Automated Exam Planner for Administrative staff for planning (declaring no. of Exam days. /sessions. / centers. / no. of seats) based on the no. of expected students (initiallyenrolled) and the available resources entered in the system.
  • Entry Test registration done by enrolled students online, choosing their desired Centre /day / session.
  • Schedule once confirmed by Students will be locked, and can be edited by Admin only.
  • Printing of Students’ Exam entrance slip.
  • Printing of attendance sheets (for Admin)

Question No. 1:                                                                                                                              (10)

You are required to draw the Level-0 Context Diagram for the above mentioned CBE Scheduler.


Question No. 2:                                                                                                                              (10)

You are required to draw an Object Model (Class Diagram) for the CBE Scheduler using UML notations:

You also need to specify (if any) the composition, inheritance, association and aggregation relationships in context of the given requirements.

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CS504 Assignment 1 Solution 2023