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CS509 Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2019. When a category is inherited, all categories and methods are inherited. When the last one is set the Word is specified in the class definition, meaning that the class cannot be the parent of anything section. Private fields are inherited, but cannot be accessed by sub-category methods. Fields can be defined as protected, which means subclass channels can access them Each superclass method (other than its creators) can be inherited, overloaded, or written above. This is described in the following sections:

inherited: If there is no path with the same name redefined in the sub-category, then the subclass has that method for the same use as the superclass. overload: When a subclass describes a path with the same name, but with a different one the number of arguments or different types of arguments, in which case the subclass has two options with.

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that word: old defined by superclass, and new defined.
overhead: If a subclass describes a path with the same name, and the same number
and types of arguments, then the subclass has only one method with that name: new
one to describe it. The method cannot be overridden if defined as the last in superclass
Strong Binding
In C ++, the method must be defined as the most visible to allow for strong binding. In Java all the call method is strictly bound unless the call method is defined final, in which case there is no further writing and all binding is stopped. Builders Subclass builders often call a high-class builder, apparently or completely. If there is no clear call (and no call to one of the subcontractors), then the non-controversial version of the superclass maker is called before removing anything statements.
Abstract Classes
The mysterious method is a method announced in class, but it is not defined. To be included, the sub-section should provide an explanation. An incomprehensible category is any category that is including an incomprehensible approach. Similar to Pure visible in C ++.

CS509 Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2019

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