cs 509 midterm by waqar pdf download

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cs 509 midterm by waqar pdf download. Language of the Journey of Java . Java was founded in Sun in the early 1990s and is based on C ++. It looks very similar to C ++ but made much easier compared to C ++. That is why Professor Feldman says Java is C ++ -. It only supports OOP and removes many asset, directions, enum types, operator overload, goto statement from C ++. Includes applet support and the corresponding currency type. First Edition Here is the popular Hello World program in Java.

HelloWorld class {public static void main (String [] args){ System.out.println (“Hello world!”); }

cs 509 midterm by waqar pdf download
It can be noted that since Java only supports OOP, in Java, everything is flexible, stable, and function (including main) must be within a certain category. Therefore, it is not global
variables or functions in Java. In addition, the following can be noted:
• The main function is a member of the category.
• Each phase can have a major role; there may be more than one main function
in the Java system.
• The key must be a public static void.
• Great can have one argument: String. This list contains a file for command line issues.

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In Java the source code is written in .java file. There are the following restrictions:
(1) Each source file may contain at least one category of community.
(2) If there is a public category, then the name of the class and the file name must be the same.
In addition, all work should be part of the class and all classes are part of the package. A
the public category can be used in any package and the non-public category can only be used on it your package.
Java Bytecode was created by the Java compiler and is stored in a .class file. This file
contains ready to be available with Java bytecode generated by Java Virtual The machine. In each class in the source file (both public and non-public categories), the compiler
creates a single “.class” file, where the file name matches the class name. What compiles the program, typing the full file name, including the “.java” extension; What using the program, simply type in the name of the category whose main function you want to perform.

cs 509 midterm by waqar pdf download

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