cs 509 midterm pdf

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cs 509 midterm pdf

In 1963 science users began to need a wider o / o, like COBOL which had a business
users begin to need fl. pt. and editing (MIS). Looks like more stores will start they need two types of computers, languages, and support staff. This suggestion did exist
apparently the most expensive and the obvious solution was to build a new computer to do both.

Types of apps and build a new language to make both types of apps. Therefore
PL / 1 was present. PL / I was the first language to introduce unit-level concurrency, different management, type of identifier data, and cross-sectional editing. The language was not very successful because many new features were not well developed
and it was very large and very complex. Original Dynamic Languages ​​- Demonstrated by strong typing and dynamic storage distribution.

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cs 509 midterm pdf
APL (Planning Language) 1962
Designed as a hardware definition language (on IBM by Ken Iverson). It was very clear (most operators, in both scalars and configurations of various sizes) however programs are very difficult to learn – widely known as “writing only” language. ISNOBOL (1964) Designed with string deception (at Bell Labs by Farber, Griswold, no Polensky). There were powerful operators to match the pattern of the wires but they suffered from a hole readability and retention.

Simula 67 – 1967 – The first day aimed at Purpose. It was made in Norway by Nygaard and Dahl, mainly the imitation of the program. It was based on ALGOL 60 and SIMULA I. Its main contributions include the concept of class which was the basis for data extraction. Classes are both inclusive structures location and performance data. Pascal – 1971 – Simplified Design Pascal was designed by Niklaus Wirth, who left the ALGOL 68 committee for himself I did not like the direction given. Designed for systematic teaching programs. It was small and simple with nothing really new. Because it’s simple and size was the most widely used language to teach for nearly two decades college planning.

C – 1972 – Higher planning language
C is designed for programming programs at Bell Labs by Dennis Richie. It turned out
mainly from B, but also influenced by ALGOL 68. It had a strong collection of
operator, but a bad type of test. It initially spread through UNIX but became more widespread is popular in academic circles because of its simplicity. Lots of modern
The programming languages ​​including C ++, Java, and C # are specific generations of C.

cs 509 midterm pdf

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