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cs502 grand quiz file


Origin of the word: Algorithm
The name Algorithm comes from the name of the Islamic writer Abu Ja’far Mohammad ibn Musa al-Khowarizmi. Born in the eighth century in Khwarizm (Kheva), a town south of the Oxus River in currently Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan, a Muslim country for more than a thousand years, was taken over by Russian people in 1873.
His exact year is unknown. Al-Khwarizmi’s parents moved to the southern part of Baghdad
he was a child. It was discovered through his offerings that he prospered under Caliph
Al-Mamun in Baghdad between 813 to 833 C.E. Al-Khwarizmi died about 840 C.E.
Much of al-Khwarizmi’s work was written in a book entitled al Kitab al-mukhatasar fi hisab al-jabrAppears in the file the titles of these texts and his name are based on the words algebra and algorithm. As a result at work, al-Khwarizmi is regarded as the most prominent mathematician of his time

cs502 grand quiz file
Algorithm: Informal Definition
An algorithm is any well-defined calculation process that takes certain values, or a set of values, such as input also indicates a value, or set of values, such as output. The algorithm is therefore the sequence of computer steps that convert input output.
Algorithms, System
A good understanding of algorithms is essential to a good understanding of the most basic element of computer science: programs. Unlike a program, an algorithm is a mathematical entity, i.e. independent of a particular programming language, machine, or compiler. So, in a way, the design of the algorithm is about the mathematical concept behind the design of good programs.
Why learn algorithm design?

cs502 grand quiz file

There are many factors to consider a good program. A good algorithm design is approx
one of them (and important). In order to be a truly perfect algorithm designer, it is important that you know of planning and mechanical problems as well. In any strategic planning project there are two major ones types of problems, major issues and minor problems.
Macro issues include things like how one plans multiple program attempts
performance in one piece of software, and how one takes this difficult editing program
satisfies its various needs. These major issues are the main subject of the software

cs502 grand quiz file
The great planning effort in complex software programs contains their properties
programs are standard (input and output, data modification, error detection, report generation).However, there is usually a small fragment of the software, which may only include tens to hundreds of lines of code, but where most of the calculation time is used.

(Or as the old saying goes:80% of the execution time occurs with 20% of code.) Minor system problems include the best way to deal with these small critical issues.
It can be very important for the success of the whole project that these parts of the code are written ina very efficient method.

cs502 grand quiz file.  Unfortunately the most common way to find this problem is to start designing i an algorithm that does not work with the data structure to solve the problem, and then take this wrong design and effort to optimize its performance by coding or by using a more expensive oneand fast equipment around to maximize performance as much as possible. The problem is that if the basic structure is bad, so often no amount of good order will make a big difference.

Before you start, make sure you have a good design. This course is about how to design the best high efficiency. Because a lesson cannot be taught in just one course, there is a partner important lessons too. CS301 works on how to build good data structures. This is not the case indeed an independent issue, because most of the fast-paced algorithms are faster because they use faster data properties, and vice versa.

In fact, many studies in computer science programs deal with it algorithms that work with data structures, but just as they apply to various systems: compilers, operating systems, information, artificial intelligence, computer graphics and visualization, etc. understanding the structure of the algorithm is key to a good understanding of computer science as well
good plans.

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