cs501 midterm solved mcqs by moaaz

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cs501 midterm solved mcqs by moaaz

• To start FALSIM (FALCON-A assembler and simulator), double-click on it FALSIM icon. This will show the merge window, as shown in Figure
• Select one or both of the integration options shown in the top right corner of merge window labeled “2”. If no options are selected, the table is marked with the study table will not be generated in the list file (.lstfa).
• Click on the selected meeting file button labeled “1”. This will open dialog box as shown in Figure
• Select the path and file containing the source program to be collected.
• Click the open button. FALSIM will compile the program and produce two files have the same filename, but have different extensions. The list file will be is done with the extension .lstfa, and a binary (usable) file will be generated with the extension .binfa. FALSIM will also display a list file with any errors messages in two different panels, as shown in Figure
• Double-click on any of the highlights of the error message and display the files for corresponding error line in the user’s window list window. This is shown in Figure. The highlighting feature can be used to display any text string, including error statements in it. If the link reported anywhere errors in the source file, then these errors should be corrected along with the program it must be reassembled before the simulation can be performed.

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More so, if the source file was neatly integrated into the previous event, as well as the right binary (.binfa) is available, the simulator can be started directly without creating a.
assembly process.
• To start the simulator, click the first simulation button with the “6” label. This
• Select the binary file to be copied, and then click open as shown in Figure.
• This will open a simulation window with the built-in operating system as shown in Figure. Details of the different panes in
• This window is provided in section 1 earlier. Note that the first commands in address 0 is ready for action. All registers start at 0. Imemori contains an ISR address (e.g., 64h 100 decimal) in position 2 and address of printer driver in area 4. These two addresses are fixed during the meeting for us. In the actual case, these addresses will be determined during the execution of the application, so the ISR and the printer driver
will be found in the memory of the app (called the recoverable code).
The following memory locations have the specifications specified in the program.

cs501 midterm solved mcqs by moaaz

• Click the one-step button with the “19” label. FALSIM will issue an evacuation
[main] education at address 0 and PC will switch to 20h (32 decimal), i.e.
the first command address in the main program (e.g., main number).
• Even though you are in a real situation, there will be many commands in the main
System, those commands are not in the dummy calling system. First practical education is shown next. Uploading printer driver address for r6 from cursor location in memory. Registers r5 and r7 are also set to pass first buffer print address and number of bytes to be printed. On our page
Dummy system, we bring these values ​​to these registers from the data center at memory, and transfer these values ​​to the printer driver using both registers. By clicking the one-step button twice, you are using these two commands.
• The execution of telephone commands mimicking the event of a print request by user. This transfers control to the printer driver. Therefore, when the phone r4, r6 single-reading, PC converts to 32h (50 decimal) usage basic education for the printer driver.

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