cs501 midterm solved papers with reference

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cs501 midterm solved papers with reference

• Double-click the 000A memory area, which is used to hold PB flag (printer busy). Enter 1 and click the change memory button. This will do keep 0001 in this location, indicating that previous printing work is in progress. Now click one step and note that this value is imported from the 000E memory location to register r1. One-click click and it will create jnz r1, [message] the command to execute, and control will transfer to the message system to the address 0046h. The nop commands are used here as the location manager.
• Press the one-step button again. Note that when the ret r4 command make, the amount of r4 (e.g., 28h) is delivered to the PC. The blue highlight bar is placed in the following command behind the fence r4, r6 education in the main program. In the event of a dummy call system, this is a stop order.
• Double-click the PC value labeled “20”. This will open the conversation box shown below. Enter the PC value (e.g., 26h) associated with call r4, r6, for reuse. “List” of possible PC values and is pulled down using, and 0026h can also be selected from there.

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• Click one step again to install the printer driver again.
• Change the memory location of 000A to 0, and then perform one step in the first command to the printer driver. This will bring 0 to r1, so that when jnz r1 follows,
A [message] message is being created, the branch will not be taken and it will be controlled refer to the next command after this instruction. These arrows r1, 1 in address 0036h.

cs501 midterm solved papers with reference

Continue with one step.
• Note that 1 is stored in memory space 000A, and r1 contains 11h, then transferred to the output port to the 3Ch address (60 decimal) where the file out r1, the control control works. This can be verified by double-clicking on the file in the upper left corner of the I / O port window, and converts the address into 3Ch. One way is to indicate the value of the I / O port to browse the I / O window to the desired position.
• Continue one step up to the int command and notice changes in various panes of the simulation window in each section.

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