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  • edu401 grand quiz

The social responsibility of the organization
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a term used to describe what others see as a company the obligation to be sensitive to the needs of all stakeholders in the business activities however most importantly the whole community. Described as:
“The business’s continued commitment to ethical behavior and to contributing to economic development while improving the quality of life of workers and their families and the local community as well large community. ”

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Businesses are now seen as partners in the communities in which they are found rather than simply as a benefit to create a set that serves the needs of participants.
Social responsibility includes the goal of sustainable development and “triple
key reporting ”which reflects not only financial results but also social and environmental impactsbusiness.
The CSR can be monitored by an independent department that reports directly to the board or it can be part of a business development department or a labor department.
Business or business ethics have gained considerable value in today’s world. Not only the problem talks about things like how those in charge of managing and managing businesses make decisions but what is important is that the employee behaves and assumes the responsibility of the organizations in accordance with its principles image, brand, branding, trade, business practices and compliance not only nationally and regionally but also international laws. A large number of financial and business scandals have prompted regulators to take appropriate action. In Pakistan all listed companies in particular need to follow the corporate governance code.

The process is a defined set of commands that aim to explain how to proceed to the foregoing landmark / target. Systems have a set of pre-defined processes that are related to each other respectively in a logical way so that together you can achieve the desired results. System and procedures for all types of the environment is under internal control and testing is required to ensure the effectiveness of the same.
6.1 Purpose of Programs and Procedures .The basic purpose of setting up systems and procedures is to make information available there it is necessary. But when processes are organized in a logical way to build systems, the amount of detail
as the exit of the system improves. When technology is not added to the system, the system rating changes to
including hardware, software and designs connected together following the procedures contained in that
system to provide meaningful construction



edu401 grand quiz