Cs101 Gdb Solution 2021

cs101 gdb solution 2021

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ASLAM U ALAIKUM DEAR STUDENTS DOWNLAOD SOLUTION WORD FILE OF CS101 GDB SOLUTION FROM THE LINK BELOW WHICH IS AVAILABLE AT THE END OF THE PAGE TO WRITE SOLUTION OF CS101 GDB 2021 IN YOUR OWN WORDS THANKS. PLEASE ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS FOR MY WEBSITE SO THAT YOU CAN GET NOTIFICATION WHEN I WILL UPLOAD NEW CONTENT ON MY WEBSITE. IN SHA ALLAH I WILL UPLOAD EVERY ASSIGNMENT SOLUTION FIRST OF ALL TO FACILITATE ALL VIRTUAL UN IVERSITY STUDENTS IN THE FUTUTRE. THANKS FOR VISITING MY WEBSITE. SEE ALSO: CS101 FINAL TERM PAPERS cs101 final term solved papers 2020 cs101 gdb solution 2021. Topic/Area for Discussion: “Database” Question Statement A development team is developing a special purpose application for some organization. The data is very large but relatively static. Data loss is an acceptable risk. Multiple users are accessing the application at the same time. File system and database system are two approaches which can be used to store data. Being a database expert, you are approached by the Team manager to help them in deciding which of the above mentioned data storage system will be more suitable for current scenario. Suggest the storage system considering the above mentioned scenario with solid reasoning.

cs101 gdb solution 2021


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