cs101 final term solved papers 2020

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cs101 final term solved papers 2020


Aslam u alaikum dear students  of Virtual University now I am going to share with you very important materila of  CS101 finalterm papers. This material will help you alot in the preparation of CS101 final term papers oe exams and then you will get good marks with high grades in the final papers. Please remember me in your prayers. JAZAK ALLAH

Ways to Use a Search Engine. We will talk about search techniques in this article. How to effectively search the Internet using popular search engine?  Computing History: 
We will talk about in this article how modern computer evolved from a basic concept. Data Storage:  Whatever data you enter into a computer, this data needs to be stored elsewhere on the hardware, such storage science will be understood in this article.
Data Management: After that the next thing is to study how the data is used. For example, basic mathematical operations (+, – , *, /) are computer-generated and how other key operators work.

Operating system: We will learn about the Operating System which controls the computer system. Sites and the Internet: We will also learn how different computers communicate online. Algorithms: We will then learn the basic concept of algorithm in Computer Science. We define an algorithm as: “Set Steps in order to perform a specific task”.

Planning Languages: After that we will learn the planning tools. How to write an algorithm to achieve a stated purpose on a computer programs. We will cover just the basics of C ++.
Software Engineering:  Here we will cover how the complete software was developed from the collection of needs design, implementation and evaluation phase.
Data extraction:  In Computer Science, designing a complex and complex system becomes a challenge when discussing construction at great depth, data extraction hides difficulties for the designer and helps to understand things about it much easier. Such items will be discussed in data extraction such as Arrays, Stack, Queue, and Trees.

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cs101 final term solved papers 2020