CS605 gdb solution 2023

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CS605 gdb solution 2023 Note: you’re required to fill table as described below and replica and paste only two tables in GDB answer section. the opposite text pasted (except tables) in GDB answer section or change the format of tables will get “Poor” grade. CS605 gdb solution 2023


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Directions to unravel you’re required to read “Definition One” and “Definition Two” then choose suitable software architectures style’s name for “Definition one” and “Definition Two” from the given list and write within the relevant row within the table 1 and table 2. CS605 gdb solution 2023

Furthermore, there are list of advantages and disadvantages given below that relate with the chosen software architectures style’s name (Definition one and two). you’re required to write down down advantages and disadvantages within the relevant table of software architectures style’s name.

Software Architectures Styles:Hyper Text Transfer ProtocolMicroservicesRead/Write modelThe open system interconnectionRest APIMonolithicWaterfall architectureDefinition One: a huge application reside in one joint box or one big container.

All components (business functions) are getting to be written during one application kind of a java war file and deployed on one high performance server. this is often often the foremost common architecture utilized in traditional applications. CS605 gdb solution 2023

Definition Two: Break application into small business functions or services. These services are loosely coupled and interacts using API. These services act as an autonomous body and deployed in several servers.

Advantages/DisadvantageIsolate Problems/FaultsSingle Point of failureMixed technology stackSimple to develop and deployBusiness components are tightly coupledCommunication between services is complex

Note: this is often often a research-based assessment. you’ll use books, google, videos and articles to hunt out required answer. If anything confused you’ll send email at cs605@vu.edu.pk

CS605 gdb solution 2023

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