cs614 gdb 2021

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Note: Aslam alaikum dear students please ignore the following dummy text and downlaod only solution file from the link which is available at the end of the page. Thanks

Data warehouse (CS614). cs614 gdb 2021  Graded Discussion Board (GDB).Dear Students, GDB of the topic knowledge deposit (CS614) goes to open in an exceedingly number of days, before submitting the GDB, please scan all directions totally.

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The GDB can stay open for 2 days (48 hours). You may submit your GDB from “February seventeen, 2021 To February eighteen, 2021, 11:59 PM”.

GDB Topic:  There ar variety of information mining techniques and also the choice of a specific technique is extremely application dependent, though alternative factors have an effect on the choice method too.

These techniques ar classification, estimation, prediction, and bunch. Now Suppose you wish to create a recommendation system for restaurants supported facilities like parking, reservation, acceptance of credit cards, Free Wi-Fi, TV etc together with users (customer) views (positive & negative).

The projected recommendation system is designed victimization any data processing techniques. that data processing technique is most fitted for the on top of scenario? Justify your answer with robust arguments.

Solution of cs614 gdb 2021:

According to the given data for mining data technique we use the clustering technique. because it is the oldest technique used in data mining clustering analysis the process of identifying data that are similar to each other.

Clustering help to understanding the differences and similarities of data, it is also understanding what is going on within the database like different company can group of customer based on their income, nature of policy and type of claims, so clustering is best the other technique.

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cs614 gdb2021