cs605 final term solved papers by moaaz

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cs605 final term solved papers by moaaz

Software Project Management Concepts
Software project management is a very important function for successful projects. In fact, at the CMM Level organization basic project management procedures are established track cost, plan, and performance. That is, it is reflected in the basic project management practices. It also means that without project management there is not much that can happen reached.

Capers Jones, in his book Software Best Practices, notes that, yes projects they have analyzed, good project management is associated with 100% of successful project and project mismanagement associated with 100% of unsuccessful projects. Therefore, to understand the good principles of project management and practices are important to all project managers and software engineers.

Software project management includes planning, scheduling, monitoring, and
Human control and processes. Software Project Management: Featured Contributing Features. The first step towards better project management is to understand the factors that the impact of the project. Among these are the most important things:
– Project size
As the size of the project grows, the complexity of the problem also increases
its management also becomes more difficult.
– Last delivery time
Delivery deadline directly affects resources and quality. With a real deadline, the chances of delivering a product with high quality and reasonable resources are increasing surprisingly compared to the impossible deadline. So the project manager has to start determine a realistic and logical deadline and then monitor the progress of the project
ensure timely delivery.
– Budgets and expenses
The project manager is responsible for ensuring the delivery of the project within this allocation budget and plan. A good balance of budget, cost, and plan is essential to any situation a successful project. It is therefore important that the project manager understands too learns the strategies and goal needed to develop these values.
– Application domain
The background of the app also plays an important role in the success of the project. Opportunities of project success in a well-known application domain can be much better than that project in an unknown domain. The project manager therefore needs to apply
measures to deal with unforeseen problems that may arise during the course of the project.
– Technology will be used
Technology plays a very important role in the success or failure of a project. One on the other hand, new “modern” technologies can increase productivity team and product quality

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