cs602 midterm solved subjective papers by moaaz

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cs602 midterm solved subjective papers by moaaz

Highlights. Spotlights are the most expensive light type we discuss in this lesson and should be avoid it if possible because it is not a real time zone. We imitate not brightness unlike the genre we will see in the play. They are point lights, but light leaves only a point in the understanding of something, spreads based on the opening of light. Spotlights have two related angles. One is an inner cone with an angle of  commonly referred to as theta (ș). Points within the inner cone get all the light of brightness; the reduction is the same if the point lights are not used.
and an angle defining the outer lump; the angle is called where. Points out of, The outer cone does not receive light. Points outside the inner cone but inside the outer cone get
light, usually an equal fall based on how close it is to the inner lump.

cs602 midterm solved subjective papers by moaaz
Figure 2: Brightness
If we consider all of this to be mathematically costly, we are right. Some library packages like OpenGL and Direct3D use our lighting, so we won’t need it  worried about the use of numbers behind the lights, but be sure to they are very expensive and can greatly reduce our graphics system. 26-Mathiematics for Lighting and Shading Part II Types of Lighting Shading Models VU Then again, they provide an incredible amount of space when used properly.

cs602 midterm solved subjective papers by moaaz 
we will have to find a line between performance and beauty. Shading models Once we have acquired the basic details of lighting, we need to know how to draw a triangle with the information provided. There are currently three ways to do this; the third is just right
be a hardware feature with DirectX 9.0 In our previous discussions we already have
learned the algorithms of the flat and gouraud shading triangle.

cs602 midterm solved subjective papers by moaaz
I. Lambert
Triangles using Lambertian inserts are drawn in one solid color instead of using the line. Usually each triangle is illuminated using a standard triangle. A led object looks angular and sharp. Lambertian shading was widely used back there in computers they were not fast enough to make Gouraud’s blurring in real time. Lighting the triangle, you count lighting calculations using standard triangle and any three vertices of triangle.

cs602 midterm solved subjective papers by moaaz
Figure 3: A blurred view of our polygon mesh
II. Gouraud
Gouraud (garrow) shading is the current de facto shading standard fast 3D hardware. Instead of specifying a single color to be used for the whole triangle, each vertex has its own unique color. Color values ​​are integrated directly across triangle, creates a smooth transition between vertex color values. Counting to illuminate the vertex, we use the position of the vertex and the standard vertex. Of course, it is a bit difficult to properly define a standard vertex. What people do instead of the standard average of all polygons sharing a specific vertex, it is used as standard vertex. When an object is drawn, a light color is found on each vertex (rather than each polygon), then the colors are combined sequentially throughout the object.

cs602 midterm solved subjective papers by moaaz


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