CS508 midterm solved papers by waqar siddhu

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CS508 midterm solved papers by waqar siddhu.

Introduction and Background
Reasons to learn the concepts of planning languages. The first question is: why should we learn planning languages. A lot the reasons for that and some of them are listed in the following sections.

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  • – Increased ability to express system concepts
    Studying systematic languages ​​helps to increase the ability to express oneself planning concepts. Digkstra put it this way:
    The tools we use have a profound (and deceptive!) Effect on our thinking habits,
    and as a result, through our thinking skills. That is, a person is limited in his thinking about the tools used to express his ideas. Depth can be attributed to the ability to express language. It
    including the type of algorithms you can build. Scope of software development the process of thinking can be enhanced by learning new languages ​​as those less can be
    – An improved background for selecting appropriate languages
    Learning programming languages ​​helps one to choose the right language for given task. all the problems look like nails. ” That is, if the only thing you have is a hammer, then you will treat all the problems as nail. Sometimes, some programming languages ​​are ready for a particular task. There are many languages ​​for a special purpose. In this lesson we will learn one such one
    the language Snobol.
    – Increased ability to learn new languages Learning a variety of programming languages ​​also helps one to learn new languages ​​by learning syntax and semantics in different languages ​​and different understandings construction methods.
    – Understand the importance of implementation
    In some cases, an understanding of startup problems leads to an understanding of why languages ​​are structured in the right way. This ultimately leads to better use of language. One example is Row vs. column major. If the program organizer knows that a two-dimensional layout is maintained with the wisdom of the column (main column) in FORTRAN (where the majority some languages ​​are the main line) then you will be careful to process it with column wisdom, which is why which makes it much faster.

CS508 midterm solved papers by waqar siddhu

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