cs402 short notes for final term

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QNo 1. what’s ALGOL ?
Answer:ALGOL (ALGOrithmic Language) is one amongst many high level languages designed specifically for programming scientific computations. It come into being within the late 1950’s, initial formalized in an exceedingly report titled ALGOL fifty eight.

So progressed through reports. ALGOL 60, and ALGOL sixty eight. Committee to be a universal language. Their original conference, which passed in city, was one amongst the primary formal tries to address the difficulty of code movableness.

ALGOL’s machine independence permissible the designers to be a lot of inventive, but it made implementation rather more troublesome. though ALGOL never reached the amount of business quality of algebraic language and COBOL, it’s thought of the foremost necessary language of its.

ALGOL’s lexical and syntactical structures became thus in style that virtually all languages designed since are remarked as “ALGOL – like”; that’s they need been stratified in structure with nesting of each environments and management structures.

Q No.2 what’s the distinction between solfa syllable , TG , GTG. ?

In each solfa syllable, we have a tendency to mark transitions with single letter of the given alphabet however in TG transitions is marked with letters or strings (combination of letters). In each solfa syllable, each state shows transition for all letters of given alphabet.

However in any TG it is not necessary to indicate all transition for all letters of given alphabet. In TG, we may or might not show all letter transitions in keeping with demand. we are able to conjointly show transitions on reading any strings in TGs.

However it’s impracticable in FA’s. In GTG Directed edges connecting some combine of states square measure tagged with regular expressions . It may be noted that in GTG, the labels of transition edges square measure corresponding regular expressions.

In TG we have a tendency to write strings and in GTG we have a tendency to square measure sure to write RE. each solfa syllable is also a TG however not each TG is solfa syllable.

cs402 short notes for final term

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