cs304 midterm solved mcqs

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cs304 midterm solved mcqs.


It’s a mechanism (Mechanism) provided by c ++ to see things in order. Concrete operations in c ++. We take away any attributes and properties in planning language uses classes.
In other words it can be defined as an institution provided by c ++ to create new species
according to our requirement. (Category is a type of compact data made with basic c ++
forms such as whole numbers, letters and floating).
Consider the examples of the lion’s trade rather than the many lions but all the lions will have it the same qualities and behaviors. Similarly imagine that the object of students all students have a different presence but all students they have the same qualities and display the same character.
When we hear a student’s name or think of a student the drawing comes to our mind
the learner and its characteristics and behaviors. Student qualifications apply our mind is its name, roll no, class, degree and so on. Same with student behavior what comes to our mind is to read, sign up and much more.
We need to capture the feature features of any object (attributes as well behavior) in system language. The concept of section is used for this purpose. Now think of a situation with a lot of communication: the University system having a lot of things like student, student, class, and teachers etc.… will do that see all these things in our software using classes.

cs304 midterm solved mcqs

All of these items will use the one-on-one services for example a student will ask a teacher to teach them. This approach is closer to real life than simple tasks to which it is called main here these things will call each other to find their services. This is the reason we do they say that what is directed to an object mimics real life.

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