cs501 midterm mcqs

cs501 midterm mcqs


This course is about building computers. We start by explaining a few key words.
Standard Digital Computer How do we define ‘computer’? There are many types of devices that can be called “Computers”: from desktop machines to microcontrollers used for things like microwave oven, from Abacus to a collection of small chips used in the same processor, etc.
For the purpose of this study, we will use the following computer definition:
“An electric, efficient machine under the control of orders stored in its unit of memory, which can receive data (input), process data accordingly logically, generate output from the file processes, and saves results for future use. ”[1]
So, when we use the word computer, we it actually means a digital computer. There
there are many digital computers, they have given objectives, for example, a
the computer is used in the car that controls the spark time of the engine.
This means that when we use the word computer, literally means a computer with a common purpose that can perform various types of statistics and logical operations.
Computer As a Program We are now exploring the concept of the system, and the environment of digital computers in general a universal set of programs.

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A “program” is a set of items, or components, that work together one or more entries produce the one or more desired results. There are many types of systems in the world. Examples include:
• Chemical systems
• Optical programs
• Biological systems
• Electrical systems
• Mechanical systems, etc.
These are all subsets of the standard set of the “system” universe. A small group of interest is “electrical system”. In the case of electrical systems, inputs and outputs
electricity prices, i.e. voltage and current. “Digital programs” are under electricity programs. Inputs and outputs are digital quantities in this case. A common digital purpose computers are a subset of digital programs. We will focus on digital computers that serve common purposes and course.

cs501 midterm mcqs

Key features of a standard digital computer
This figure shows a block diagram of today’s standard digital computer.
We see in the diagram that a typical computer has three main components
components: memory system, input / output system, and centralized processing
unit. Applications are stored in memory, the file the execution of system commands takes location on CPU, and connectivity and the outside world is reached sub-system I / O (including restrictions).


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