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Why the Program is important? The question most people ask is why should we learn to make a plan there There are so many software components and code generators available for this purpose. The answer is as provided by Matthias Felleisen in the book ‘How to design programs ’ “The answer is twofold. First, it is quite true that traditional forms of programs are useful for just a few people.

However, editing like us writers understanding that it is useful to everyone: the administrative secretary who uses it spreadsheets and a high-tech system. In other words, we can be broad the concept of mental planning is more traditional. We explain our view in a a moment. Second, we teach our planning approach to technology-based on the principle of minimum entry. Therefore, our planning idea is instructive problem solving and problem-solving skills without over-compulsion of traditional planning information and tools. ”

So learning to make a plan is important because it improves analysis and problem problem solving skills. It is a creative work and gives us the meaning of the mysterious expression ideas. So planning is fun and is beyond the scope of a job. Ngu
designing programs, we learn many important skills in all fields. These skills can be summarized by:
o In-depth reading
o Critical thinking
o Creative integration
What skills are needed
Planning is an important task as people’s lives and lives depend on the plans one makes. So while planning one you should o Pay attention to detail
Consider recycling.
Think user
o Understand the fact that computers are stupid
o Put the code freely
Pay attention to detail In planning, details are important. This is a very important skill. Good editor always analyzes the problem statement carefully and in detail. You have to pay paying attention to all aspects of the problem.

Huffman codes: in english language characters ‘e, t, a, i’ are more frequent than ‘z, q, x’, so the use of smaller bit patters to symbolize: ‘e, t, a, i’ would store area. Relative encoding. Differential codinstream of data differs only barely from the preceding ones. Like movement photograph. Example: if you want to compress video so video can be built number of small body pics, if you want to compress so we simply need to save that.

What is distinction between frame no 0 and body number one after which what’s difference are change is frame number one to border no 2 so we just need to say that change the whole photo store can be as soon as. File differences as opposed to storing the whole body once more. Dictionary encoding. Store only a reference to a dictionary time period not the whole word. Especially used by word processors as they have already dictionary for spell check.

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