cs302 midterm past paper

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CS302 Midterm Solved Paper with Reference by Waqar Siddhu



cs302 midterm past paper

Degrees of Digital Electronic Sy: These systems receive and process different samples
representing a real ongoing signal. Analogue to Digital Converters used
sample continuous electric signals represent the actual signal.
Do Digital Electronic Systems use voltages to represent different samples of
continuous signal?  Digital Electronic System Calculator. Assume that the calculator is rated with it represents the number 1 by 1 millivolt (mV). So the number 39 is represented by
calculation in terms of electrical power as 39 mV. Counters can also represent large numbers such as 6.25 x 1018 (as in 1 Coulomb = 6.25 x 1018 electron). The value per volts is 6.25 x 1015 volts! This amount of electricity cannot be clearly represented by any electric region. Therefore Digital systems do not use separate samples represented as voltages. Digital Programs and Digital Heritage Digital systems are designed to operate at two voltage values. The +5 volts represent the concept height or state 1 state and 0 volts represent the low state of mind or state 0. Digital Systems based on two or two voltage voltages can easily replace any two prices. For example,
• Numbers ‘0’ and ‘1’
Status ‘switch on’ or ‘off’
• ‘black’ and ‘white’
Temperature is ‘hot’ and ‘cold’
• A ‘moving’ or ‘standing’ object
Representing two or two states does not work very well, as it happens very naturally items have prices or more than two countries. For example, numbers have very different grades, the color palette can have 64 different colors of red,nthe temperature of boiling water at room temperature varies from 30 0 C to 100 0.
C. Digital Programs
Based on a Binary Number system that allows more than two or more values ​​to be
very well represented. The binary number system in contrast to the decimal number is based on two values. Each or less digit in the Binary Number system can represent only two values, ‘0’ and ‘1 ‘. A The single digit of the decimal number scheme represents the numbers 10, 0, 1, 2 to 9. Binary System number can be used to represent more than two values ​​by combining binary digits or pieces. In a decimal number system one digit can represent 10 different values ​​(0 to 9), representing more than 10 values ​​requires a combination of two digits allowing up to 100 values ​​will be represented (0 to 99). The combination of the two numbers is used to represent different prices.

• Represents Colors: A four-color palette of red, blue, green, and yellow can be
represented by a combination of two digital values ​​00, 01, 10 and 11 respectively.
• Representative temperature: An analog value equal to 39o C can be represented in the file digital format with a combination of 0s and 1s. So 39 is 100111 in digital form  Any quantity such as intensity of light, temperature, velocity, color etc. represented through digital values. The number of digits (0s and 1s) represents the maximum is equal to the range of values ​​to be represented. For example, representing.

cs302 midterm past paper


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