mth404 assignment 3 solution 2021

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mth404 assignment 3 solution 2021. Assignment#3(Inline)MTH404 (Fall 2020)Total marks: 10Lecture#39Due date: February 19, 2020DON’T MISS these important instructions:

All students are directed to use the font and elegance of text as is employed during this document. this is often a private assignment, not group assignment, so confine mind that you simply are alleged to submit your own and self-made assignment.

Albeit you discuss the questions together with your class fellows. All similar assignments (even with some meaningless modifications) are going to be awarded zero marks and no excuse are going to be accepted.

This is often your responsibility to stay your assignment safe from others.

Question#1The planet Mercury travels round the Sun with a mean orbital radius of 6.8x〖10〗^10 m. The mass of the Sun is 1.99x〖10〗^30 kg. Use Newton’s version of Kepler’s third law to work out how long it takes Mercury to orbit the Sun. Give your answer in Earth days.

mth404 assignment 3 solution 2021


mth404 assignment 3 solutioN2021