Mgt101 Short Notes

mgt101 short notes

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mgt101 short notes

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mgt101 short notes

mgt101 short notes

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Represent 3/8. Since the bond mark in the original pattern is 0, the saved value does not contradict. We
conclude that the pattern 00111100 represents 3⁄8. To save the value using point-to-point notation, we reverse it
the previous process. For example, to enter a code in 11⁄8, we first display it in binary text and then get 1.001.
Next, we copy a small pattern in the mantissa field from left to right, starting with 1 left in the file
binary representation. Currently, the byte looks like this:

Also see:

Now we have to fill in the growing field. So far, we are considering the content of the mantissa field with
radix point to the left and determine the number of bits and direction radix should be removed to get it
original binary number. In our example, we see that the radix at .1001 should be moved slightly to 1 right
to get 1.001. The exponent therefore has to be positive, so we put 101 (which is positive one in
writing more than four as shown in Figure 1.23) in the experimental field. Finally, we fill in the sign with 0
because the retained value does not contradict. The completed byte looks like this:

There is a hidden point you may be missing when you fill out the mantissa field. The law is to copy a little
pattern from binary representation from left to right, first left 1. Specification,
consider the process of keeping a value of 3⁄8, which is .011 in binary writing. In this case the mantissa will do

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