cs602 midterm solved papers by waqar siddhu

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cs602 midterm solved papers by waqar siddhu . Expensive. Large pixels (~ 1 mm compared to ~ 0.2 mm). Phosphors are slowly disappearing
-Light light compared to CRTs, using more energy Liquid Crystal Displays. The water crystal refers to the fact that these  Chemicals have a crystalline arrangement molecules, however, flow like liquid. Flat panel display use liquid nematic crystal, as shown in the following statistics. Two glass plates, each with light polarizer at the right level on another plate,
sandwich liquid-crystal equipment .

Lines of straight horizontal drivers are present built on a single glass plate, with columns of built on a single glass plate, with columns of plate. Intersection of two drivers defines the position of the pixel. Polarized Light Going through twisted things is like that Going through twisted things is like that that it will pass the opposite ipholarizer. The light is then reflected back viewer. To turn off the pixel, we use voltage at two cross-country drivers to align molecules so that light can be not twisted.

cs602 midterm solved papers by waqar siddhu

LCD Displays
Small foot (about 1/6 of CRT)
Low weight (typ. 1/5 of CRT)
Low power consumption (type 1/4 of CRT)
Completely flat screen – no geometric errors Crisp images – digital colors and uniforms.
There is no electromagnetic output Complete digital signal processing is possible

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Large screens (> 20 inches) on desktops

cs602 midterm solved papers by waqar siddhu

Top price (now 3x CRT)
Bad view angle (type. +/- 50 degrees)
Low contrast and light (type 1: 100)
Low light (natural light) (type. 200 cd / m2)
2-Graphics Programs I VU

Three Viewing Devices Graphics monitors for three-dimensional scenes are designed using
a process that displays a CRT image from a vibrating, flexible screen. In this system when
the varifocal vibration screen changes the focus length. This vibration is synced with display of object in CRT to each point in the object is visible the mirror becomes a space space that corresponds to the distance that point from a fixed viewing point.

cs602 midterm solved papers by waqar siddhu
This allows the user to rotate the object or a scene and look at it from different angles.
Virtual Reality Devices Virtual Reality program enables users go and respond to a customized computer nature. Different types of devices allow users feel and deceive material things as much as they would like real things. This is natural Collaborative style provides participants with a file a feeling of immersion immersion the earth. The real analogy of reality is different than that another computer simulation because it requires special interface devices that transfer the file objects, sounds, and emotions created world to user. These devices are also recording and send the speech and movement of participants in the simulation program.

To see in the visible world, the user is wearing a head-mounted display (HMD) with screens
directed at each eye. HMD contains a file for position tracker to monitor location user head and direction where user recalculates images of the physical world to match he watched. You are using this information, a computer an indicator where the user views and displays these images in HMD. Users hear sounds in the visible world through earphones in HMD. Hepatic interface, i.e. conveys the idea of ​​touch and so on physical sensation is virtual world, slightly developed feature. Currently, using the file glove and position tracker, user can reach the physical world as well manage things but you really can’t

cs602 midterm solved papers by waqar siddhu


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