cs504 midterm solved mcqs mega file

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cs504 midterm solved mcqs mega file

Therefore the frequency of changes in these systems is very low and has a low nature. Like posture it can be slightly modified, new gadgets can be added and so on but it is very unlikely to that significant changes to the engine are made. Alternatively when saving a file
jobs of a software company, you will see that these companies they make fundamental environmental changes to their software systems. cs504 midterm solved mcqs mega file

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They are constantly changing their systems whether they are in the form of enhancements, in the form of a visible interface switch or they are developing a completely new system. In other words they make changes to systems of various sizes. But for non-software programs this type of change very rare. One of the main reasons for the increase in software errors systems are the highest frequency switching. cs504 midterm solved mcqs mega file

You can imagine that if you drive the manufacturing company produces cars in the same way and then how long these cars are will always be useful, how much effort they have to make to design these cars, for how long they will need to increase the composition, and how long it will take to start production of such vehicles. cs504midterm solved mcqs mega file

If they try to reduce that time, that is, if they try remove vehicles after six months or a year without proper inspection and such removal the basic change at that time is that the type of car will have a lot of bugs and will not be there ready for the road. So one of the main reasons for the complexity of the software is because of its basic design that the software goes through a constant evolutionary process.

The name of the game is change and evolution are always at all levels. This change is real impact on software in the form of errors. So software developers should also faces the challenge of managing this process of evolution and evolution.

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