cs301 final term solved papers by waqar

cs301 final term solved papers by waqar . CS301 FINAL TERM PAPERS:

Writing: Identifying Sentence Errors .In previous lessons we have been exploring ways to write sentences that work better. In this case lesson, we will look at the mistakes we all make and how we can correct these mistakes.
Sentence Mistakes to Avoid:
Once we have looked at the common things that make sentences work, we will now do them take four common mistakes in sentence structure. write in English. These errors are:
i Pieces of sentences
ii Running sentences
(a) Combined sentences (b) comma splice Improperly installed and suspended Modifiers
Pieces of sentences. We have said that a sentence is a set of words that must have a subject and a verb. It should also express one complete thought. So several ideas should not be grouped together in a file.
simple unit. Now a phrase sentence, as this statement tells you, is under sentence – it is
A piece because it has a will or an action or because it does not express the full meaning.
The following are samples of servants.
– My neighbor who is a regular businessman who is proud of his efficiency.
– Because there are two computers on his desk.
The author of these incomplete statements has apparently forgotten that the sentence should express the perfect thought. You could say that professional writers — storytellers, short story writers use incomplete sentences, but if you look closely you will see that their pieces convey the complete thoughts and they quickly passed on.

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