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So at the display screen the sentence “please input the age of first student:” will appear. To enter a few facts we want to be very clear i.E. Write such sentences which are self explanatory and consumer is aware them be entered for the first pupil. As we’re looking forward to only entire numbers i.E. Age in years handiest i.E. 10, 12 and so on, our software isn’t always to anticipate a while as 13.5 or 12.

Three e user is aware exactly that the age would be entered in entire range simplest. Entered via the consumer right into a ariable, we use the declaration: cin >> age1; rom the user and assigns it to the variable on its proper facet. We understand that the sign >> indicates the route of the waft of facts. Ns that information comes from person and is assigned to the variable ere age1 is a variable used for storing the age entered for student1.

Further get the a long time of all the ten college students and save them into respective variables. That
and so on up rogram stops rom the consumer. So when cin >> age1; is performed, e application expects from the user to kind the age of the student1. After getting into the g ‘enter key’ conveys to this system ns the input value to the variable n the e which is age1 in this situation.

As we have seen earlier that during an iable on left hand facet of the and on right hand aspect we will have an expression that evaluates e left hand facet of venture perato ror i.E. X = 2 + 4; is a accurate announcement but x + y = three+ five; is an at the left hand aspect. In addition e can expression after the >> signal with cin. So we are able to have one and rect statement and cin >> x + y; an in ent. The variable totalage.

We use for this purpose. On the proper hand facet of the assignment d keep the bring about the variable, facet. For this motive we write the declaration as comply with: oduce integer result only and the decimal element is truncated. If we need the ac Now we’ve declared variables for storing one of a kind values. Inside the subsequent step we spark off the user to go into the age of first student. We clearly show a text line on the display through the use of the announcement: cout << “Please enter the age of first student : ” ; Whenever we are requesting user thoroughly and correctly.

Now with the above sentence everyone can understand that age would or 12 years and 3 months etc. We can refine our sentence such, that th After this we allow the user to enter the age. To, get the age Lets have a look on the statement cin >> age1; cin is the counter part of the cout. Here cin is the enter flow that gets data f in our announcement it mea age1, wh manner the age of first student in age1, the age of 2nd student in age2 to ten college students.