York University Scholarships 2025

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York University Scholarships 2025. York University Scholarships are available for incoming students who are interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in one of the many academic disciplines offered at the university. There are three types of scholarships: athletic, academic, and performing arts. The athletic and academic scholarships have varying requirements, while the performing arts scholarship is more open to applicants with a strong background in music, theater, or dance. Applicants should also be familiar with the school’s financial aid policy.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Undergraduate
  • Institution(s): York University
  • Study in: Canada
  • Course Level: Scholarship is available to pursue undergraduate degree programs.
  • Program Period: 3-4 years depending on the selected program.
  • Deadline:
    • Fall 2025: February 01, 2025
    • Summer 2025: April 01, 2025
    • Winter 2024: November 01, 2025


Academics at York University scholarships are awarded to students who are committed to achieving academic excellence. Applicants must meet the minimum requirements for the award, which include high academic standing, a commendable record of accomplishment, and financial need. The total value of the scholarship is $140,000.

Applicants are required to submit a letter of recommendation, as well as provide all of the necessary information. Candidates must also be nominated by the graduate program they are applying to.

Scholarships vary by subject. For instance, the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies offers the International Student Entrance Scholarship. Students who are interested in pursuing a Bachelor degree program at York University must complete the application form.

There are numerous other scholarships offered at York University. Depending on the academic and financial needs of the candidate, the amount of funding will be determined. To apply, applicants must submit a completed International Student Scholarship and Award Application form online. A York reference number will be issued to the student within five business days.

In addition to academics, applicants must demonstrate their commitment to making a positive contribution to their community and their school. Applicants must also write a personal statement describing their goals and passions. Those who do not speak English as their first language must also provide evidence of their English proficiency.

Governors’ Awards of Distinction are the most prestigious and coveted scholarships at York University. They are given to exceptional Canadian students who are pursuing their first year of undergraduate studies at the university. These awards are renewable once recipients maintain a high academic standing.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of grade point average (GPA). Scholarships are typically offered in the form of full tuition. However, some require that the student maintain a specific course load or a certain GPA.


There are many different types of scholarships available at York University. Academics, athletics, and performing arts are just a few of the many fields that scholarship is awarded in. Scholarships are merit-based aid that is designed to help students afford a degree. They can range from $1000 to $4000 a year, with some scholarships being renewable. The value of a scholarship will depend on the student’s academic performance.

Applicants must complete an online application. All required information must be included. Once an applicant is accepted, a reference number will be provided. An award agreement form will be made available on the recipient portal. It will need to be signed and returned to the Financial Aid Office. This will not be applied towards tuition charges until after the signature.

Applicants must have a strong record of accomplishment. In addition, they must have a study permit to attend the university. For international students, this must be their last year of high school.

There are two main types of entrance scholarships available at York. One is for students who apply directly from high school and the other is for students who are applying for direct entry into an undergraduate program. These scholarships are valued at $45,000 a year, and each is renewable for three years.

In addition to these academic scholarships, York University also awards various sports scholarships to qualifying athletes. These athletic scholarships are designed to help defray the costs of attending the university. Students may qualify if they play in an NAIA event or participate in the university’s intramural team.

The best of all the scholarships at York University is the President’s International Scholarship of Excellence, which is worth $180,000 over four years. In order to be considered, students must have an exceptional record of academic achievement and demonstrate leadership in both school and the community.

Performing arts

Performing arts scholarships are available to students who are pursuing an education in the performing arts. These include theatre, dance, and music. Applicants must demonstrate creativity and stamina. In addition, candidates must show evidence of financial need.

Students may also qualify for a performing arts scholarship at the undergraduate or graduate level. Awards are awarded on academic merit and financial need. However, the number of scholarships and bursaries has decreased recently due to the economic downturn.

First time freshmen scholarships are offered to incoming undergraduates with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. They are renewable for three years. Recipients are required to take a minimum of 24 credits during their first Fall/Winter academic year. For scholarship renewal, recipients are required to maintain a grade point average of at least 8.00 on all credits taken in previous fall/winter sessions.

The Department of Theatre Arts also offers a series of scholarships to undergraduate students. Scholarships range from $200 to over $3,000. Recipients must meet eligibility requirements each semester.

Students with disabilities are eligible to receive scholarships. To qualify for this award, students must be identified by the university. They are required to self-identify at the first renewal. Additionally, the recipient must submit proof of disability.

Applicants must apply online. The University will issue a reference number after the application has been received. Once the candidate’s transcripts have been verified, the award amount will be determined.

All applicants who meet the criteria are encouraged to apply. York University has over 325,000 alumni and 55,700 students. It is one of Canada’s most popular universities.

International students are welcome to apply. Before they can study in Canada, they must obtain a Study Permit. This document will provide them with the proper documents to attend their chosen course at York.

Renewing a scholarship

If you are planning to attend York University in 2023, you will need to renew your scholarship. The University offers several scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students. These are awarded based on the academic standing of the applicant.

There are a few minimum requirements for the renewal of your scholarship. First, you will need to have an excellent grade point average. In addition, you will need to show proof of disability. You will also need to meet the financial need requirement.

Applicants must be enrolled in at least twelve credits in the fall and spring semesters. All scholarship recipients must maintain a minimum grade point average of 8.00. Students must enrol in a minimum of 24 credits per year to retain their award.

Upon completion of their first full year of study, students may apply to renew their scholarship for another three years. Students must complete a FAFSA. This is available through the Financial Aid Office. Once your application is approved, you will be required to sign an Award Agreement form. Your scholarship can only be applied towards tuition charges after you have signed the award agreement.

Students must have a Study Permit in order to study in Canada. They will also need to demonstrate their individual accomplishments and leadership. A final scholarship amount will be determined after the final grades are received.

International students can apply for these scholarships. They must submit an International Student Scholarship & Award Application online. Upon approval, they will receive a reference number from the university.

Transfer students in the Bachelor of Professional Studies cannot apply for transfer scholarships. However, they can apply for the Excelsior Scholarship.


One of the top universities in Canada, York University offers a variety of scholarships for international students. They offer undergraduate and graduate programs, financial aid, jobs and other resources to help students achieve their goals.

To apply for these scholarships, international students must have a study permit for Canada. Candidates must also demonstrate a strong academic record. If they have a high GPA, they may be eligible for a full tuition scholarship.

In addition to financial aid, York offers a number of awards and recognitions for students. For example, the President’s International Scholarship of Excellence, valued at $45,000 per year, is awarded to an outstanding candidate who meets the academic requirements.

To qualify for these awards, applicants must be in the second or third year of a four-year degree program. Candidates must demonstrate leadership, sportsmanship and other achievements in their field of study. Additionally, they must meet minimum course load requirements and have the ability to lead others.

The newest York University Scholarships for 2023/2024 are available to be awarded to incoming Canadian and international undergraduate students. These scholarships are fully funded and are renewable, provided that the recipient maintains high academic standing. Applicants must also complete a comprehensive online application. Once the application is received, a reference number will be assigned.

Aside from the usual coursework and exams, recipients must also participate in community service. All scholarship recipients are required to enroll in a minimum of 24 credits during their first Fall/Winter semester. Applicants who are unable to maintain this minimum load should self-identify at their first renewal.

In addition to the financial aid and other forms of assistance, the university is home to the Lassonde School of Engineering and the Schulich School of Business. Other programs offered include a number of liberal arts and professional studies.

How to Apply for York University Scholarship?

Please follow the following steps to avail this scholarship:

  1. Take admission in the bachelor’s degree program at York University.
  2. Complete the online application form for this award.


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