Why You Are Not Losing Weight Through Intermittent Fasting

Why You Are Not Losing Weight Through Intermittent Fasting

Introduction Of Why You Are Not Losing Weight Through Intermittent Fasting

Why You Are Not Losing Weight Through Intermittent Fasting. You’ve been doing intermittent fasting like a week two weeks maybe a month and you aren’t losing weight what is going on with intermittent fasting it is really possible and actually really common to be losing fat but gaining muscle especially if you are doing some type of exercise routine because intermittent fasting does increase their growth hormone this is a highly possible situation where you could be losing weight a gaining muscle which will cause you to know a net equal on the scale but make it so that you are losing fat let’s say that’s not the case let’s say that you aren’t exercising or that you just aren’t even losing fat.

What is going on well today I’m sharing the top 5 things that I’ve seen with my a and peeps on why you might not be losing weight with intermittent fasting and how you can remedy that all right guys if you don’t know who I am my name is autumn and I’m a certified clinical nutritionist with my masters in nutrition and human performance I also am the creator of the 21-day intermittent fasting guide really helped me with any word my bloating just helping to reduce my anxiety and balancing hormones I’m really passionate about sharing this information with you so that you can feel good too now let’s get down to it first thing that I see really often when it comes to not being able to lose weight with intermittent fasting is not eating enough sounds counterintuitive this really goes back to the fact that counting calories.

How much weight can you lose in a month with intermittent fasting?

Just doesn’t work when it comes to weight loss back to have a great Article covering that topic right here but if you’re not eating enough food in general during your eating window with intermittent fasting then your hunger hormone will go up this hunger hormone increase will cause your body to crave sugar because that’s a fast source of energy that sugar increases your insulin which puts your body into storing load and takes you out of factors plus by consistently not eating enough food your body starts to decrease its metabolism it’s not the fact that you’re fasting it’s the fact that you aren’t eating enough food now it’s really important that you are eating until satiety and that you’re eating enough of the right things especially if you’re looking to tap in your fat burning mechanisms which leads me to my second point being fake food or just junk food in general there’s this misconception that with intermittent fasting that as long as you have that fasting period that you can eat whatever you want during your eating window yeah maybe some people will experience short term weight loss with that but ultimately these junk food items.

These protein bars these things that just aren’t good for us they tend to be higher in sugar or just hiring process ingredients, in general, these junk food items are not designed to make us feel satiated they also tend to be higher in sugar so these two factors combined not eating into a satiated and having high amounts of sugars your body again to be in that storing mode especially if you eat a lot of protein bars highly recommend that you check out this Article because that’ll really break down how something that seems healthy is actually causing you to gain weight and not feel good number three eating a ton of carbohydrates or just having a high carbohydrate diet in general one of the main points of intermittent fasting is that it stabilizes your blood glucose levels which also then decreases your insulin response when your insulin is low.

Should you intermittent fast every day?

Remember that’s your storing hormone makes it so that your body can shift into your fat-burning mode instead when your insulin is high your body is effectively shutting off that burning with a high carbohydrate diet your body is going to have a higher insulin response because insulin is released when your body consumes carbohydrates or sugar or any really any type of carbohydrates so not only does that mean that you’re in storing mode the entire time during your eating window if you are having a high carbohydrate diet it also makes the fasting period a lot more difficult even wise because your body with a high carbohydrate diet because you’re always having these spikes and falls in your blood glucose levels it forces you to eat every couple of hours otherwise you’ll experience hypoglycemia so if you have a high carb diet during your eating window and then you go to fasted State you’re going to experience those intermittent fasting headaches.

How many days a week should you do intermittent fasting?

That I talked about with this Article because you’re experiencing hypoglycemia but not only will the high carb diet cause you to gain weight during that eating window it also make that fasting period so miserable number four using collagen in your fasted period this is again another common misconception that collagen can be had in your keto coffee and it won’t break your fast same thing with PCAs I know it’s a common concern that people want to make sure that they’re maintaining their muscle mass during their fasted period that’s why you know collagen or BCAAs are taken during that period like when you are in a fasted state and with intermittent fasting you’re actually naturally increasing your growth hormone which protects your muscles from breakdown you don’t need to worry about that and in fact I have a great Article on that right here and it’s important to know that when you have these amino acids that does break your fast in the absence of carbohydrates your body will convert protein into sugar or into carbohydrate through a process called gluconeogenesis.

So if you are using collagen or BCAA actually not even using intermittent fasting at all because you’re using that in your fasted period and it is breaking your fast now problem number five and this is the most overlooked problem that I’ve seen but it has one of the biggest impacts on whether or not you’re going to be able to tap your fat burning mechanisms and that’s not getting enough sleep most people have sleep issues you’re either staying up late not getting high quality sleep not getting enough sleep in general when you haven’t gotten enough sleep your body actually increases your ghrelin remember that hunger hormone the next day it also increases your cortisol levels so your stress hormone which cortisol’s main job is to increase your blood glucose levels which again effectively shuts off fat burning and it increases your inflammation because your body wasn’t able to get to all that repair that it needed to you when you were asleep it increased hunger typically leads to increased sugar intake which will kick you out of that back Ramah increased cortisol also kicks you out.

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