Importance of communication in an organization
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what is the importance of communication in an organization describe various communication barriers


what is the importance of communication in an organization describe various communication barriers

All of us know the importance of communication in our daily life. There are many basic functions which are related with managers in the organization which can be performed by the effective communication such as planning, controlling, leading and organizing. Mangers can perform their jobs and also their responsibilities only by communication. I also know that the communication becomes the foundation for the effective planning. For implementation of plans first of all-important information must be communicated to managers. In an organization effective communication is necessary for telling about the responsibilities to the workers.

Importance of communication:

To achieve the team’s goal in the organization, the leader as a manager is to communicate effectively with their subordinates. In the organization written and oral communication should be done through a regulatory process. In an organization managers spend most of their time communicating to achieve better success. In an organization the manager spends about six hours of their day communication. We also know that managers spend most of their time face-to-face communicating or by telephoning with their clients, managers, and colleagues, or by their subordinates. , managers use written communications in the form of letters, memos or form reports as well.

In simple terms we can say that the building blocks of a successful organization are “effective communication”. In other words we can also say that the importance of communication serves as the blood of the organization.


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The importance of communication can be defined as follows;

No one can deny the importance of communication. Communication plays an important role in motivating employees by telling them about their work, the work they have done in the organization, telling them how they can improve their performance so that the organisation’s progress can grow smoothly. Communication also provides information that has been used as a source of information on the process of making informed decisions. Communication also provides details of the selection of the best organizational methods in different contexts for different purposes. Changing the attitudes of anyone in the organization can be done effectively through communication. The supervised staff may change or alter with the help of written or oral communication in the form of magazines, organization, and meetings etc.

The importance of communication

it also plays an important role in the process of human communication in the organization. In this age of life without communication through the organization survival is not possible. Because communication provides assistance in the regulatory process and therefore, it also regulates the behavior of members of the organization. There are many rules and regulations to be followed by members of the organization who are also introduced to them through the help of communication. Any employee in the organization can share his or her problems with his or her supervisors only by contacting them. We can also say that the work of managers can only be controlled through a communication process. In order to transmit and receive messages from both the employee and the employee, an effective and efficient communication system is required of the organization. There are many barriers to communication and in the organization, managers must find and avoid them by using the best communication strategies. Therefore, the most important point that the main and primary responsibility of the manager can be to develop and maintain an effective communication system in the organization for better results.


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Common communication barriers:

The five most common barriers to communication are as follows;

By using industrial jargon

Every industry has its own set of phrases or a set of unique words that they use in their industry, these words create confusion for those people who come from outside the field or have little technical knowledge. In an organization the use of high-tech language or jargon creates a lot of confusion in understanding messages and with this important information may be missed due to the difficulty of understanding that information. We can avoid such barriers to communication by avoiding the language of speech and by isolating such an acronym that creates confusion in the industry or organization. When in an organization the word “KPI” is used then there is a possibility that an employee working on product development may not be aware of this term such as “key performance indicator”. Therefore, using jargon or a technical name is a common barrier to communication.


By bringing in more details at once

This is another common barrier to communication. When as a manager or leader when we meet or import a particular product or train a new employee and we and the car share a lot of information once there are problems to understand all the information once in a while. Sometimes we feel that when we explain things in detail the audience can easily understand them but, in other cases, when we explain any idea in detail the audience can be born into and misunderstand that information. This is another common barrier to communication. We can also avoid this situation by sharing information in detail, concisely and by sharing only relevant information at one time.

Barriers to language and hearing

This common communication limit occurs when someone has a hearing problem or cannot understand your language easily. In this case the deaf person has difficulty understanding the message you want to convey. In some cases there is a possibility that he may understand your message but unfortunately, you are missing out on sensitive or important information ion your message. To avoid this kind of common communication barriers, we need to be properly prepared for this situation.


When the conversation is ongoing and we are not there the result is in a negative sense. Because of the many interpretations, the intense work pressure, and the urgency of the next meeting, the distraction barrier creates many problems for us. When a person is distracted not physically but mentally or mentally busy with other things then the person will not be able to understand the message clearly, and when he is not ready to listen to what others tell him, and also interprets the message as his needs then communication is ineffective and creates problems.


Physical barriers:

One of the most common communication barriers is physical boundaries. When sending a message from sender to recipient, there may be no natural conditions or natural conditions that act as a barrier to communication is called physical barriers. For example, organizational environment, technical issues and sound problems are physical barriers.

We all know that face-to-face contact is very important but this communication is not possible most of the time. In some cases where the business is spread over many areas, or employees work remotely. Physical barriers can be overcome by using best communication techniques. Physical barriers can also be affected by communication when we talk on the phone and we want to explain to anyone about non-verbal actions so it is not possible because on the phone all oral communication is the best way.


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