What A Nutritionist Eats With Intermittent Fasting On her Birthday

What A Nutritionist Eats With Intermittent Fasting On her Birthday

Introduction Of What A Nutritionist Eats With Intermittent Fasting On her Birthday

What A Nutritionist Eats With Intermittent Fasting On her Birthday. Hey it’s a birthday I really really like birthdays like not just my own I like everybody’s birthday it’s kind of just a reminder of how cool it is that we’re all just here something that I think we sometimes can forget how special even that is so I really like birthdays I love celebrating them and so I wanted to take you guys along my birthday today share with you what it is I’m going to eat to celebrate my birthday and have you guys be part of this day as well because you guys are really really really special to me and I just want to show you how special you guys are to me, first of all, I opened my gifts from Trevor this morning and first he got me these big sweats I told him I wanted some sweats that I could feel like I didn’t just roll out of bed and actually wear him to work well at least like while filming and still feel somewhat professional so he really pulled through but anyway the other gift.

He got me as a little preface to this I’m always talking about the comments I see on my Articles of you guys talking about how much my information has helped you or how I’ve inspired some of you guys to become a nutritionist and how that literally always makes my day when I see those so Trevor went through those comments and he created the first of four boards of you guys and this is part of my birthday gift in fact this was the main gift he gave me he had me open this one last because he knew that I’d loved it the most and I have on here just the starts of in the beginnings of a board of the am peeps I’m going to hang up in my room as a reminder of why I do what I do every day so I just want to share that with you guys and let you know that you guys are my inspiration and that you are literally my gift on my birthday from Trevor.

What can you eat while doing intermittent fasting?

I like teared up when I saw this it was just really thoughtful gift just made me really happy so just wanna let you guys know you guys are a huge part of my birthday as well anyway this didn’t mean to get all emotional I wanted to take you guys through what I’m doing on my birthday and what I’m eating on this day to celebrate but also still feel good that morning I still start with my normal routine just again put my head in the right place I really like to still start this way even though he’s my birthday I got up in the morning I met I went on a walk with Trevor and Sophie and then, of course, worked out and made my coffee I had my regular Quito coffee which I love, and it’s still a gift to me every single day and made sure to have some water before that I have a few plans for what I want to do today as well for my meals.

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So I’m planning some type of like Greek-style dinner Trevor and I went to Mykonos in Santorini a couple of years back and we love the food there oh my gosh it’s just so flavorful so I’m planning on doing some type of metse Ford thing I have to do a little bit of research on that and see what I’m going to do and something I’m still doing is making sure that I eat enough at my first two meals before my birthday dinner this is a huge thing I talk about in the treat me I have an idea where it’s so important to make sure that you don’t limit yourself earlier in the day if you are going to have a quote-unquote treat later in the day it’s ultimately they’ll make it so you go into that treat me just starved and you end up creating more of the food than you would have had in the first place this way you can still enjoy the food not have way too much.

Do Nutritionists recommend intermittent fasting?

What’s going to make you feel terrible the next day and you can still enjoy some of those perhaps more sugary treats you wouldn’t normally have or bread that you wouldn’t normally have or just other types of foods that you know consistently wouldn’t make me feel great but that I can still enjoy them by making sure that I’m say shaded earlier in the day I mean guys just look at these professional sweats that’s just professionalism that’s might seem boring to some of you guys but it’s I like it and I guess that’s all that matters but I’m still having my regular smoothie I’m gonna wake the one that I’ve been making lately if you guys watch my Instagram story then you saw me make another day but it’s this take on one from the LevelUp guide it’s like a tumor qeej injury has a little bit of bite to it but it’s also a little sweet cuz there’s the pineapple in it so making that to it and using almond butter so to switch it up a bit got my chia seeds scouted the yogurt.

What am I missing I can’t think Oh ginger this has just been like my favorite as of late I’ve been going through phases of either having like a chia Freki bowl obviously you guys know I love that one and then just a Greek yogurt bowl and then a smoothie bowl and just regular smoothies right now I’ve been feeling like it’s summer and I want something like fresh and just refreshing so I’m going back to smoothies for a bit it’s actually one of my friend’s families on the butter usually I don’t allow this one to be used for smoothies and only eat one because it tastes so good but it’s my birthday so go a little crazy now for pineapple.

How soon will I see results from intermittent fasting?

So I saw some of you guys on Instagram noted my clever little way of measuring I like it when I measure things myself I never bring out a measuring spoon or anything because then that’s one other thing that you have to clean so I just measured things based off of the cap, so this one’s like half cap ginger and about the same of tumor very sophisticated means of measuring a little bit leftover so I’ll use to top it off canids I mean duh picked out is so sneakily high in fiber so if you ever have issues getting more fiber in your diet throwing a couple of tablespoons of cacao and it’s like one of the easiest things you could do to up your fiber usually I only ever have my Quito coffee, and I stick to one per day but it’s my birthday I’m going crazy, so I got a cappuccino as well hang out with my mom birthday cappuccino.

My gosh guys ever making this pass like three days it’s so good so usually I do a scrambled egg type of thing in here I’ve been wanting to do a Exile just sounded like a little bit better and I added in curry and oh it’s so good highly recommend it i’ll have the recipe up but this is a really great option and I’ve been loving so I’m gonna go take this up to Trevor now also earlier I got a cappuccino which I like never knew I really like cappuccinos it’s kind of like a treat for me because I know that when I get coffee from someplace else if knock would make me feel as good as if I were to have my purity coffee especially because my history of anxiety so I try and eliminate only to like really special occasions not have too much so I did have that cappuccino earlier which was amazing I can definitely feel it but it was worth it that’s like my special treat to myself today for my birthday that and dinner which is coming soon very excited all that do okay so for my dinner for my birthday dinner.

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