University of arizona scholarships 2022

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International Student Scholarships 2022:

university of arizona scholarships 2022. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS AND LOANS. Scholarships are gifted aids towards education and this can come from different sources, each with different requirements and deadlines. university of arizona scholarships in usa 2021


Scholarship Universe:

For helping the candidates so that they can find scholarships, the University has created Scholarship Universe, which creates matches to you with thousands of UA and non-UA scholarship opportunities available throughout whole year. UA scholarships are fully merit-based. These are limited in number and awarded to students with exceptional academic performance.

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  1. UNICAF scholarship Program 2022
  2. University of twente scholarship 2021
  3. kadir has university scholarship 2022

Visit Scholarship Universe and start applying 

Tuition Waivers for Students from Sonora, Mexico:

A limited number of tuition waivers are available to students from Sonora, Mexico through an agreement between the Arizona-Mexico Commission and the Comisión Sonora-Arizona. Qualifying students belongs to Sonora who are studying in Arizona may pay in-state tuition for a maximum of two years.

Learn more about Sonoran aid and apply

The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship:

This scholarship supports women from across the world interested in pursuing a career in Technology. Recipients each receive a $10,000 award and will be invited to attend the Annual Google Scholar’s Retreat in California.

Learn if you are eligible and how to apply

Society of Women Engineers

The Society of Women Engineers provides scholarship opportunities for students interested in Engineering. The website having a database of potential scholarship opportunities. While many require US Citizenship, there are some that are open to international students.

Learn if you are eligible and how to apply

Other Scholarships:

Some UA Colleges/Departments may offer scholarships. Check their websites for possible opportunities.

There are some more databases of international student aid and scholarship opportunities, for example,, or or You should never have to pay to use these sites.

International Student Loans

Loans are sources of funds that need to be repaid over a set amount of time, and usually with interest. Deadlines may vary.

The Rowe Fund

The Rowe Fund is an interest-free loan program that helps citizens from Latin America and Caribbean OAS Member States to finance their studies at accredited universities in the United States. Loans can be up to $15,000 USD.

Learn more and apply

Sallie Mae International Student Loan:

Sallie Mae is offering a variety of student loan programs for international students studying in the United States. (These loans are provided directly by Sallie Mae NOT by the University of Arizona.)

Learn about Sallie Mae loan programs

Instituto de Becas y CréditoEducativo. del Estado de Sonora

Students from Sonora, Mexico, are also eligible to apply for scholarships and student loans through the Instituto de Becas y CréditoEducativo del Estado de Sonora.

Learn more about ICEES loans and apply

Other Forms of Aid


A sponsored student is any student whose tuition and/or fees are paid directly to the UA by an outside organization that requires an invoice from the University before remitting payment. Students who receive tuition reimbursement or personal payments from an organization are not considered sponsored students. If your or candidate government or agency will be sponsoring you, please contact the Program Director for Sponsored Programs in International Student Services at

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On-Campus Employment 

Some opportunities for on-campus employment are available to international students. Please check also with Student Engagement & Career Development to learn more.

DEAD LINE university of arizona scholarships 2022:

The last for the submission of application for the University of Arizona Scholarships 2021 USA is for Summer 2021 (March 15, 2021), Fall 2021 (May 17, 2021).



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