UNICAF scholarship Program 2022

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UNICAF scholarship Program 2022 and UNICAF scholarship Program 2021 is now open and every one can apply for this scholarship after checking the eligibility criteria to apply. They are accepting the applications from the students from over the world. The eligible persons can earn the scholarship and they can study from UNICAF university.

The partners of UNICAF university are now working in the different countries such as UK, Europe, US and Africa and they are providing different courses online such as

  • Postgraduate degrees
  • Quality undergraduate
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They are also providing the benefits the students which are from Africa and other continents of world also. In this program of scholarship there is no restriction to apply on nationality. The people of any nationality can apply for this scholarship.

This program is online and any one can study from home from the any part of the world and can get best degrees from this university. This university is providing the opportunity of getting the following degrees from this university.

  • Master
  • Bachelor
  • D. Degree.

Detail about this scholarship from the UNICAF is given below. (UNICAF scholarship Program 2021)

This university is proving the best opportunities for international students to study from a qualified university and we also now that this university ids registered with UNICAF.

Without wasting the time any one must apply for this scholarship which meets their criteria of eligibility. BY applying students from the whole world can join this fantastic university in the world. UNUICAF is providing this opportunity under scholarship program 2021.

Interested candidates in online scholarship program can apply by registering them by seeing some details which are listed below,

Organization is UNICAF

Countries which are eligible:  All national countries

Degrees which is proving this university are Bachelors, masters and also PhD.

Most important point is that there is no dead line for apply in the UNICAF scholarship program 2021.


The headquarter of this universe is founded in 2012 and headquarter of this university is situated in Europe. The main aim of this university is to provide the scholarships to students which belongs to the across the globe and they are also posses the criteria that makes them eligible for this scholarship.

UNICAF already awarded more scholarships which have worth more than $100 millions among those students which are eligible for this scholarship by the UNICAF partnered universities.

Partnered Universities with UNICAF:

The partners of UNICAF university are now working in the different countries such as UK, Europe, US and Africa.

Universities are as follow;

  • The University of Suffolk (England)
  • The University of East London (London)
  • Liverpool John Moores University (England)
  • University of California Riverside Extension (USA)
  • The University of Rwanda (Rwanda)
  • The University of Zambia (Zambia)
  • UNICAF University (Larnaca, Cyprus)

Fields and Majors Offered

There are some list of degrees which are available in UNICAF their partnered universities are as follow;

Liverpool John Moores University in England is providing degrees are as follow;

  • Master of Arts in Mass Communications.
  • Master of Arts in Education.
  • Master of Arts in International Relations.
  • Master of Arts in Leadership in Education.
  • MSc (Master of Science) in International Public Health*
  • MSc (Master of Science) in Psychology*
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (International)*

The University of East London in LONDON is providing degrees are as follow;

  • LLM (General)
  • MBA

The University Of Suffolk (England) is providing degrees are as follow;

  • MBA – Master of Business Administration
  • MSc Public Health

UNICAF University in (Larnaca, Cyprus) is providing degrees are as follow;


  1. BSc (Bachelor of Science) in Accounting
  2. BSc (Bachelor of Science) Accounting and Finance
  3. LLB Bachelor of Laws
  4. Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management
  5. Bachelor’s in Business Administration
  6. BA (Bachelorof Arts) in Economics and Business
  7. BA (Bachelorof Arts) English Language and Literature
  8. BSc (Bachelor of Science) supply chain Management and Logistics
  9. BSc (Bachelor of Science) in Computer Science


  1. Doctorate of Business Administration (Ph.D.)
  2. Doctorate of Education (DBA)
  3. Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
  4. UNICAF University (French Language)


  1. MBA- Master’s in business administration
  2. MA in Educational Leadership and Management
  3. Master’s in Education
  4. MSc Managerial Psychology
  5. Master of Art in English Lang and Literature
  6. MSc Healthcare Management
  7. MSc Web Design and Development
  8. MBA in Health Management
  9. MBA Finance
  10. MBA Oil, Gas and Energy Management
  11. Management
  12. MBA Management Information Systems
  13. MPA – Master of Public Administration
  14. LLM – Master of Laws

There are some major advantages of UNICAF Scholarship Program 2021 are as follow:

Low Cost: By the help of this Scholarship Program you only pay small portion of fees.

Accreditation: The partners of UNICAF university are now working in the different countries such as UK, Europe, US and you can earn scholarship from theses universities.

Easy Access: Provides 24 hours online availability

Easy Registration:  Application procedure is easy; you must receive admission message and you are awarded with a scholarship and you start your studies.

Apply procedure:

Interested candidates in a UNICAF Online Scholarship 2021 program can submit application online by Completing application form; after that a student advisor will contact with applicant. Visit following link for official apply.


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