Truth Of CBD Oil And My Anxiety Also

Truth Of CBD Oil And My Anxiety Also

Introduction Of Truth Of CBD Oil And My Anxiety Also

Truth Of CBD Oil And My Anxiety Also. I’ve had about 10 years or more actually worth of anxiety and it sucks really stuck on my website I talk a lot about different strategies that I’ve utilized and that they utilize with my audience on how to naturally reduce and get rid of your anxiety one of them I want to talk about today is simple or CBD and it’s something that I’ve been using for about a year today I’m gonna be sharing my whole experience with CBD / hemp oil over the past year so you know what to expect and you can decide if you want to use it for your anxiety – my name is autumn and I’m a certified clinical nutritionist with a very extensive history of anxiety I say it in a laughing matter right now like I’m smiling while talking about it but it’s actually been pretty debilitating over the past more than ten years at this point.

Now and honestly I think I’ve always suffered from some sort of anxiety and I don’t like to say I’m an anxious person because as I’ve known how I’m able to successfully reduce it and even some days totally get rid of it but rather I have experienced anxiety from a really young age and unfortunately I think it’s something that we’re dealing with more and more often now which I’m going to be coming out with a Article seen on that perfect storm on how it’s not just one thing that causes anxiety and how we aren’t just born anxious but there are ways to actually reduce it and there are things that are causing it but for right now I’m sharing my whole experience for the past year with just CBD oil period okay so basically what CVD / hemp oil does is it works on decreasing your sympathetic response so in our Body.

How To Use CBD Oil For Anxiety

We have these two responses it’s either parasympathetic which is that rest and restore the type of mode and then there’s sympathetic and that’s like fight-or-flight mode and something that I think people don’t realize about fight-or-flight mode is that you don’t necessarily have to be emotionally stressed to be in that fight-or-flight mode like most people would be like I don’t know like I’m good I’m not stressed or I’m not experiencing stress okay but there’s still chemical and physical stressors though what about too much exercise or too little sleep or maybe pollution or toxins in your environment there’s a lot of things that cause our body to be in a stress State even eating too often which I talked about with this Article and most people do – our environment our food choices all of these factors tend to be stuck in the sympathetic state.

This means up you’re in fight or flight mode so what happens when you’re in this sympathetic state it makes it so that your body actually shuts off blood flow to your GI tract and your fertility organs and instead shuttle’s it to your muscles and your brain in your heart because those are what your body thinks it means to get out of like that fast quick scary situation and that’s what results in us feeling anxious so to truly heal you need to switch your body from that sympathetic mode and get it into parasympathetic rest and restore mode that’ll help to shuttle that blood flow back to your GI tract back to your fertility organs in fact if you do suffer from any issues with your GI tract or even your fertility organs and this is something you definitely need to be listening to so that’s why I tried him well.

Can CBD Help with My Anxiety and Depression?

I did a lot of things in the past year to really help with decreasing my anxiety not saying this is a cure-all but I do want to share my experience with hemp oil for the past year and if you’re interested in the other things I did in addition to hemp oil to help heal my anxiety just let me know in the comments below and I’ll make an Article about that so I said I made a lot of changes progressively over time one of them is switching from walking to running which talked about in this Article and this was just one of the changes I made so first thing you need to know CBD oil or hemp oil is not going to get you high unless you’re using one with a THC base you’re not going to get high with hemp oil I know that’s a concern for a lot of people but don’t worry about it with it just make sure that you’re getting it from a reputable source this is the brand.

I use and there are a lot of bad products out there it is a booming industry I believe I just read a stat but it’s a billion-dollar industry right now and it’s projected to be like a twenty-five billion dollar industry by 2022 that just shows you how many of us are stressed out the way that you use hemp oil or at least this specific one because there are different types you can use it’s a pump so it’s like a spray bottle through the serving size is four pumps now I about actually I’ve been using it yeah for about a year uh no longer than that and about a year and a half actually anyway so about you’re gonna have maybe even two years ago can’t really quite remember my anxiety was so bad I was in a bad place I was in a very stressful work environment I was not sleeping I was working out too much there are so many factors going on.

That just made me an anxious rep my self-esteem was really low my confidence was really low I always was feeling bloated from that lack of blood flow that was going to my GI tract I just wasn’t feeling good it was terrible it was awful I needed you something about it that’s when I was making all those other changes as well and that’s also when I introduced hemp oil so at that time I was using a lot more than they like recommended dosage or hemp oil because I was so stressed I needed something to help bring myself back to that parasite heresy but that I state right then but also know this is not to be used as a crutch in a cure-all is there something that’s helpful but any I was using four pumps in the morning and either two or three pumps at night depending on how stressed I was that I which is a lot and then I would even sometimes he’s at the middle of the day if I was just like freaking out and it did help and here’s here’s the thing that I want people to know it’s not that it’s like xanax or something although.

I’ve ever actually taken him so I don’t really know what it feels like but from what I understand medications for anxiety make it so that it dulls your responses this doesn’t dull your response you’re still very sharp mentally what it does is it helps to bring you basically from up here on your sympathetic mode so just a little lower and that makes it so that your body is able to actually handle stressors better instead of like you know you come across something that your boss yells at you about some project that you did wrong or something I don’t know and instead of just reacting and responding and freaking out you’re able to handle that stress a lot better and that’s really beneficial for anxiety so that’s what is doing and in the beginning, I was using a lot more and it was helping for that time being but I was also working on a lot of other factors helped me to heal my anxiety.

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