Explain Parts of brain Prefrontal Cortex and Cerebellum


1.Prefrontal Cortex:

This part of brain is also known as the CEO of brain. It means that it controls everything. This part of brain controls thoughts which are created in the human brain. This part of brain also located behind the forehead but still located in the front of brain. Another name which is used for the prefrontal cortex is seat of good judgement. This controls many things such as human reasoning ability is control by this part. When any human think critically then this part of brains controls that thinking which is based on logical facts. When any human wants to set their life goals or ant other goals which he wants to achieve this part of brain also controls them. This part  also helps in the control of priority setting of a human task. When any human confronted with any problem which related to the judgment then this part of brain helps the person in making the sound judgment in another words this part of brain has very important role in many crucial life problems. Planning and organization of multiple tasks of a man or person are also control by this part of brain. Behavior of any person is also control by this part of brain. This part helps in the self-control of humans. Emotional controls are also managed by the prefrontal cortex of brain. Major function of this part of brain is that it helps the any person to discrimination between the right and wrong. When any person can judge the right from wrong path then he can follow the right path. This part of brain develops last by the age of 25 years. Because this part of brain plays an important role in judgmental decisions so this part of parts also prone to errors of judgement. This is high-risk taking part of brain. This part of brain is not irresponsible because it takes too lightly risks, but because they misjudge rewards or find rewards more worthwhile than adults do.


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Position of this part of brain is back of the brain. Cerebellum changes mostly during the age when reaches in teen years. The development of this part of brain not stopped but also growing till early twenties. This part of brain plays an important role in the coordination process which involves our muscle coordination. There are many activities or physical skills that are associated with humans such as posture, coordination and balance etc. are learned through this part of brain or for these skills learning the responsibility is of this part of brain. When any person wants to remember how can be done any task associated with playing is also managed by this part of brain. For example, when any person wants to become a skill person in playing  guitar in the early stages the takes efforts but when he practiced more then that task becomes easier.


Reason behind this whole process is that memory how to do this task is stored this part of brain such cerebellum. This part also plays an important role in the coordination of cognitive processes. The cognitive processes are also known as thinking process so on the base of this fact this part also known as “Little brain”.  I also know that cerebellum part of brain’s development can be enhanced by the physical activities. There are many sports or physical activities are ex isting which are good for brain development.


What is transformational learning and describe the Mezirow’s Theory of transformative learning.

1.Transformative learning:

When we look at our childhood the we realize that our learning at that time is formative due to the derivation of learning from formal sources of learning as well as our socialization. When we look at our adulthood learning then we realize that at adulthood our learning is transformational learning. Transformational learning take place at the age of adulthood because the adults are more capable of seeing misrepresentations in their own feeling, in their own beliefs and as well in their own attitudes. In 1991 Mezirow also says that we all are caught in our own histories. He also stated that we are part of culture and we also individually assimilate the culture.

2.Mezirow’s Theory of transformative learning:

Mezirow in 1978 introduced the transformational learning theory. This theory is introduced for helping the adults how they change the way in which they interpret the world. Mezirow in 1991 said explains the process of using prior interpretation for the interpretation of revised or new interpretation of the meaning of experience of someone for the purpose of guiding them in future action. Humans can understand the meaning of their experiences by showing significant need of that. When search the agreement when we want meaning and justification of our understanding and belief. Mezirow also describes that we seek for more functional beliefs and we struggle for acting on our beliefs also.


3.Mezirow’s Theory (Operational Parameters):

Before there is transformational learning there is embarrassment because something doesn’t with person’s known stories. I also know that new information is related with experiences, emotions and as well with images. The persons are open for new meaning of information or for stories rather than they reject information or experience when that don’t fit. In the Mezirow transformational learning theory, there are two domains of learning. First of them is instrumental learning and second one is communicative learning. Purpose of instrumental learning is to control and for manipulation the environment or other people. For example, task-oriented learning related with cause and effect. Communicative learning is related with meaning of others when the communicate with us. Communicative leaning involves many factors such as feelings, values, meanings, intentions and moral issues also.