Education ministry of government of Romania sponsored a Romanian Government Scholarship 2020-2021 for International students for academic year of 2021-2022. They are now accepting applications for different programs such as undergrad, master, and postgrad degree courses.

Romanian Government Scholarship Coverage and Benefits

The benefits of this scholarship are as follow;

There is no registration fee. No fee for the processing of candidate files. No fee to testing the Romanian language skills. There is no fee for supporting the contest for admission for the doctorate and for the other specific aptitude tests;

No fee for the preparatory year of the Romanian language, the financing tuition expenses;

Cover the financing tuition costs for the actual study program duration, but this is not for more than the duration of a university program, this all have corresponded to the study program followed;

Also granting a monthly scholarship, for those students who are enrolled in the preparatory year of the Romanian language; these monthly scholarships are for students enrolled in undergraduate, master, doctoral study programs, respectively in post university education. This is also including in the health field, but this is not longer than the duration of a study program of university. This scholarship also accommodates the expenses of students for their residence. This all is done through the MER budget within the limits of the allocated grant.


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There are some other major benefits are also following:

Medical aid in case of surgical emergencies and diseases having potential widespread- epidemic, in accordance with the national regulation in force.

Under the same conditions for as Romanian students, the transport facilities such as local, surface, naval and underground, internal car and rail are also included in this scholarship.

How many numbers of Romanian Government Scholarships are?

Romanian Government announced a total number of 85 scholarships for undergrad and post-graduate scholarships those will be awarded to the international students which is organized by the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and by the MER (Ministry of Education and Research).

Criteria to qualify for this scholarship:

  • All Foreign citizens are eligible for this scholarship coming from all states of the world, except states those are member of EU. Foreign candidates of Romanian origin and those which are belonging to the neighboring historic Romanian communities can get benefit.
  • The applicants having Romanian citizenship not eligible for this scholarship, Romanian citizenship candidate did not request or did not obtain protection in Romania, they  do not consider stateless person whose residence on Romanian territory and they are officially recognized according to the law.
  • The applicant would present study papers issued by accredited educational institution.
  • The candidate must have average of the study years of at least 7 which is considering “good” in scoring system in Romania.
  • The applicant must have good results in educational career.
  • Candidates having age more than 35 years till 31 December of nominated year for bachelor degree are not eligible and age more than 45 years are also not eligible for postgraduate programs.
  • The Romanian Government Scholarships are providing three types of program for international students such as undergraduate, master degree and Doctoral degree courses.

The fields of study are as follow:

  • Architecture
  • Social and human sciences.
  • Journalism
  •  visual arts
  • Technical studies
  • Veterinary medicine.
  • Education science.
  •  Romanian culture and civilization.
  • Political and administrative science.
  • Oil and gas.
  • Agricultural science

Some fields such as medicine, dental medicine, and pharmacy do not include in this scholarship.

Language requirements to apply:

The Romanian language is mandatory, candidates who don’t know the Romanian language required a one preparatory year to learn the required language.


The following candidates don’t require an extra year for learning the Romanian Language.

Those persons who have Romanian studies containing consecutive four years of study in the Romanian language in the Romanian national system.

Application submission procedure:

Submission of application files can be complete through diplomatic mission. Submitted application which receive after the closing date will consider as rejected and can’t be return to the candidate. Application files can be submitted through post or directly to MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and MER (Ministry of Education and Research).

Documents required to apply:

Following documents are necessary to apply for this scholarship.

  • Official letter issued by the diplomatic mission of Romania in the country of origin.
  • The Ministry of Education and Research application form (APPENDIX 1), filled in correctly;
  • The Ministry of Education and Research application form (APPENDIX 2) for the acceptance letter, which is necessary f or study in Romania.
  • Advertisement
  • Study diploma copies which consider Legal and their translation into English language, French language or Romanian language, if necessary.
  • Legal copies of matriculation sheets which makes eligible candidate to apply for this scholarship and their legal translation, if necessary.
  • Legal copy of the birth certificate and translation in English language, or French or Romanian language, only in one language translation necessary..
  • First 3 pages copy of the passport;
  • Medical certificate that containing information about the person enrolling in the study have no diseases or conditions incompatible with the required study program.
  • Two recent photos having passport size.

Deadline to apply for Romanian Government Scholarship:

The registration starts on 16 DEC 2021, and application submission to the diplomatic mission not later than 16 March 2021.

Applications by Foreign diplomatic missions accredited in Bucharest will submit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) – Public Diplomacy, Cultural and Scientific Directorate which will convoy by a verbal note, by March 16, 2021.

Result announcement date for the Romanian Government Scholarship?

15 June 2021

For more detail please visit: Detail

Application procedure for Romanian Study VISA?

Applicants who have got their Letter of Acceptance can get latest information about the visa application procedure by clicking on link below:



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