pak301 short notes pdf for final term

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Question No: one (Marks: 2) Write down the partition method for Bengal? ANS: The Partition of geographic area in 1947 divided geographic area into the 2 separate entities of West Bengal happiness to Bharat, and East geographic area happiness to West Pakistan. This was a part of the Partition of Bharat and formally befell throughout August 14-August fifteen, 1947.

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East geographic area was renamed East West Pakistan, and later became the freelance nation of East Pakistan|Bangla Desh|East Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} when the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971.

Question: (Marks: 2) What did Muslim gain from the Lucknow Pact? ANS: the foremost important action of this written agreement for the Muslims was that for the primary time the Congress had recognized the Muslim League as a representative body of the Muslims of the sub-continent and that they were granted separate electorates within the provincial similarly as in Imperial law-makers.

Question No: three (Marks: 3) Write a brief note on The Quit Bharat Movement 1942? ANS: The Quit Bharat Movement (Bharat Chiodo Andolan or the August Movement) was a direct action movement launched in Bharat in August 1942 in response to Mohandas Gandhi’s concern immediate independence.

Gandhi hoped to bring the British government to the negotiating table. virtually the whole Indian National Congress leadership, and not simply at the national level, was place into confinement but unit of time when Gandhi’s speech, and the bigger range of the Congress leaders were to pay the remainder of warfare II in jail…

Question No: four (Marks: 5) Explain the Evolution of Two-Nation Theory within the Subcon? ANS: The Two-Nation Theory was the idea for the Partition of Bharat in 1947. It expressed that Muslims and Hindus were 2 separate nations by each definition, and so Muslims should have associate degree autonomous state within the Muslim majority areas of British Bharat for the safeguard of their political, cultural, and social rights, inside or while not a United Bharat.

pak301 short notes pdf for final term

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