NAACP scholarships 2022-2021

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naacp scholarships 2021.The Herbert Lehman Scholarship may be a national scholarship, highly competitive scholarship that creates annual (yearly) awards to qualified, outstanding undergraduate students.

The scholarship, established in 1964, is known as after the previous Governor and us Senator from ny in recognition of his integrity, courage, and persistence on behalf of various civil rights causes.


Herbert Lehman Scholarships were initially awarded to assist African-American students attend formerly segregated four-year colleges and universities within the South and to extend the amount of African Americans within the bar.

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Today, the mission of the Herbert Lehman Education Program is to assist transform the promise of racial equality into a social, economic, and political reality by supporting talented undergraduate students with financial got to stay in class and successfully complete their bachelor’s degree.

Currently, Herbert Lehman Scholarships are hospitable students who meet the eligibility and award criteria. These Awards generally do not exceed four (4) years.Students who have an interest in applying for the Herbert Lehman Scholarship are strongly encouraged to review the eligibility criteria and program description before submitting an application.

What is the deadline for pplication for the Herbert Lehman Scholarship?

Applications dead line is April 1, 2021

Am I eligible for this great scholarship if I am not a U.S. citizen?

Unfortunately, They do not accepting applications from non-U.S. citizens at present time.

What is the amount of the scholarship award? Is there any opportunity for awarding of renewable for each year that I am in school?

Generally, Lehman Scholarships provide Two thousand dollars ($2,000) per year for four years provided that the student continues full-time study, remains in good academic standing with his or her college or university, and fulfills all other program requirements.

How is financial need demonstrated?

Applicants must provide a copy of their FAFSA Form, and have a family income of Sixty five thousand Dollars ($65,000) or less.

How must I apply for NAACP scholarships 2021?

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