Most Common Mistakes Of Intermittent Fasting


Most Common Mistakes Of Intermittent Fasting

Introduction Of Most Common Mistakes Of Intermittent Fasting

Most Common Mistakes Of Intermittent Fasting. Love intermittent fasting it’s helped me and a lot of my clients and a.n peeps to help achieve your goals but there can definitely be a lot of ways to do it wrong now I’m gonna share the ten most common things that I’ve seen that people do wrong when it comes to intermittent fasting but like I’ve mentioned there are a lot of ways that it can go wrong and when I say it goes wrong it basically means that you’re actually working against the goal that you’re trying to achieve okay so let’s just jump straight it the very first one is not drinking enough water this is crucial because when you are in your fasting period you’re not eating anything and part of our water source is from food so since you aren’t eating and you’re already waking up in a dehydrated state from sleeping.

It’s really important to make sure that you’re getting enough water in the morning now I love pita coffee it’s fantastic but you don’t want to start with the very first thing that you drink to quit coffee because that’ll just ultimately make it so you get even more dehydrated make sure that you get enough water in the morning before you even have your keto coffee right when you wake up this will help to prevent headaches and it’ll increase your energy levels right number two jumping in too hard too fast especially if you’re used to having a high carbohydrate diet or if you just don’t have a great diet, in general, to begin when ruin or mint and fasting you’re actually reprogramming yourself you’re getting rid of dysfunctional mitochondria which is your energy source system and you’re allowing your body to leave behind only the best highest functioning ones.

What is the most effective form of intermittent fasting?

So if you are used to eating every couple of hours due to a high carbohydrate diet or if you have had a lot of processed foods in the past you might not want to start straightaway with something like a 16 hour fast and it’s totally okay to do every other day fasting is totally okay to eat your way up on making your eating window smaller and smaller and smaller but jumping in too hard too fast can be too difficult for someone if you are used to a high carbohydrate diet or if you’ve had a lot of processed foods in the past on the flip side if you have a moderate amount of fat intake if you eat more of whole food sources and making that transition to intermittent fasting actually can be pretty easy number three not having any electrolytes in the morning remember how I said that most people aren’t drinking enough water.

It’s also important to make sure that you get electrolytes as well so having this with for example a pinch of Celtic sea salt makes it so that your body is actually able to retain that hydration and provides the minerals that your body and your hormones need to be balanced in fact if you want more information on electrolytes and how to incorporate Celtic sea salt into your diet make sure you check out the link in the description below number four not eating enough so not eating enough during your eating window your body’s already naturally tapping into fat-burning mechanisms but being in that fasted State so it’s really important to make sure that you eat until satiated when you’re in your eating window contrary to what you might believe this actually helps your body further tapping evaporating mechanisms.

Should I intermittent fast every day?

If you don’t eat enough you’ll never be able to turn off your hunger hormone Quillen and that will make it so you’re just hanging me the whole time through your eating period then it makes it even more difficult when you’re in your fasting period because your body never got enough food during your eating period so then you’ll just be even angrier throughout your fasting period it’ll just be a miserable experience make sure you always eat until C sheet and in fact I talked a lot about how to do that with this Article number five caring intermittent fasting with a high carb diet, okay if you’re having a high carb diet even if it’s from a more whole food source this means that you’re going to have higher amounts of carbohydrate course which means that you’ll also have higher amounts of insulin a part of what you’re trying to do with intermittent fasting is bring your insulin levels down by having lower levels of insulin this makes it.

So that your body’s naturally able to tap further into its fat-burning mechanisms not only will have a higher carbohydrate keep your insulin level high but it’ll also make you more hungry even during your fasted period even if you’re eating until satiate the reason why is because if you’re having high carbs then you’re having less of protein and fat and protein and fat are also needed helps slow down the release of those nutrients into your body that you don’t have those spikes and falls in blood glucose levels and therefore you aren’t hungry every couple of hours by the way if you love this science type of information with you so that you can live your best life, oh great number six eating a small meal.

How soon will I see results from intermittent fasting?

When you break your fast we’re having like a snack to hold you over remember how I talked about when you don’t eat enough it makes so that your hunger hormone ghrelin never really fully can turn off that’s exactly what happens when you eat a small meal or even just a snack to hold you over when you go to break your fats your hunger haha your hormone ghrelin is not able to fully turn off and you’re going from a fascist state to eating a very so amount of food and that will make your body think that it’s in a state of starvation because if you go from a fascist state to a fed state but a fed state where you actually eat enough eat until you’re satiated then your body knows that there’s food available but if you go from a fasted state to eating a very small meal or just calorie restriction in general then your body will think that has to hold on to that energy and this can lead to a bunch of hormone imbalance issues it’s really important to make sure that you eat until satiated.

Just in general not even just intermittent fasting but in general, in order to prevent this whole hormone imbalance issue in fact I have an amazing smoothie that you can use to break your fast right here number seven having collagen and your keto coffee now this has gotten really trendy but I understand why you might think that this is a good idea and collagen can be really beneficial for us but collagen breaks your fast collagen is an amino acid which means that in the absence of carbohydrates it can actually be converted into sugar you’re a process called gluconeogenesis and this can stimulate that insulin response so if you’re having keto coffee during your passive period just make sure.

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