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The Australian Government has announced more than $ 475 million in its 2021-22 budget to drive sector growth and scientific development, with the aim of helping to create sustainable jobs for Australian workers. Minister of Industry, Science and Technology Christian Porter said the latest support was part of the government’s ongoing efforts to secure Australia’s future as a global, high-quality, sustainable and innovative nation. The fund also builds on the $ 1.5 billion Modern Production Strategy announced in the October 2020–21 budget.  “We have a clear vision of using science and technology to expand existing industries and develop new ones, create long-term and sustainable jobs,” the Minister said. MILLION DONATION TO AUSTRALIA UNIVERSITY 2021


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The new funding includes $ 117.8 million over the next four years to bring Australia’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) Action Plan, as part of the Government’s Digital Economy strategy. The program will support the business to adopt AI and the construction of world-leading AI projects, as well as high-related associated activities associated with these projects. MILLION DONATION TO AUSTRALIA UNIVERSITY 2021

As previously announced, the government is investing heavily in the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) telescope at a cost of $ 387.2 million over the next decade, creating more than 350 jobs over the ten-year construction period and 230 other positions over the next decade. -50 project life. There will also be $ 13.3 million over four years to increase the capacity of the Australian Space Agency to provide services to regulate and support sector growth. Other measures announced in the 2021-22 Budget, to support sector growth and innovation and to develop Australia’s scientific and technological capabilities, including: MILLION DONATION TO AUSTRALIA UNIVERSITY 2021. $ 116.7 million over four years to fund the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO) to finance and fund waste management; MILLION DONATION TO AUSTRALIA UNIVERSITY 2021 $ 42.4 million over seven years to raise the next generation of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through university-focused industry academics, and the Women in STEM Evaluation Toolkit; to improve production capacity in Australia by improving marine mRNA vaccine capacity; a $ 206.4 million ‘patent box’ tax break, which will encourage medical and biotech companies to register their patents in Australia and make products from those coastal patents; $ 10.4 million over four years, in medical research including support for further clinical trials in Australia and introducing a mitochondrial contribution to research settings;

extending the permit for motor vehicle research and development until 2025 to maintain high-quality research activities in Australia and to maintain support for high-paying jobs; create a new Digital Science and Technology Diploma Fund that integrates international science programs into the Portfolio of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, which will build efficiency and allow greater focus on supporting the most important international collaboration from science, research and technology and global partners. MILLION DONATION TO AUSTRALIA UNIVERSITY 2021.

The Australian Academy of Science said the 2021-22 Budget contains mixed science issues, no significant new funding for basic science discoveries and no plans to prevent the loss of science jobs at the university. Indeed, while last year the government paid a single fee to universities through the Research Support Program to help reduce student incomes around the world, finance rates have now returned to their previous levels.

Academy President John Shine said the Academy, however, welcomes the commitment to improve Australia’s mRNA production capacity to fight COVID-19, influenza and future epidemics, which should help Australia cope with the coming epidemic and security threats requiring coastal energy to produce more drugs.

The Academy is also pleased that the government has honored its commitment to the implementation of the full SKA observation center, and welcomed initiatives involving women in STEM scholarships; ID box step; funding for medical research and presentation of mitochondrial contribution; and the following:

Ten-year investment to fund the implementation of the Technology Investment Roadmap and Low Emissions Technology Statements, including $ 761.8 million in addition to forecasts. What remains to be seen are major global efforts to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and Australia’s continued participation in that effort, the Academy said.
Various ways to improve climate adaptation, including investments in promoting the blue economy; support for the National Land Strategy; support for biodiversity in agricultural areas; funding for the establishment of an independent Independent Land Security Commission; expansion of recycling systems; and funding to establish the Australian Climate Service. MILLION DONATION TO AUSTRALIA UNIVERSITY 2021

The Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI) also says there are a few surprises in the medical research budget, with significant announcements made earlier this year – although the organization approves single funding announcements involving a mitochondrial contribution to research settings; medical tests; research on lung cancer; National Cancer Screening Register; women in STEM programs; and coordinating Australia’s communications science efforts.

AAMRI noted that the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) has reached its $ 20 billion capitalization target by 2020–21 and that the investment benefits from the fund will now be used to fund approximately $ 650 million annually in medical research. With the global economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 epidemic which resulted in lower expected returns from investment by MRFF, the government-backed funding deficit has emerged. MILLION DONATION TO AUSTRALIA UNIVERSITY 2021

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