Principles of Marketing (MGT301) Fall, 2020
Assignment No.1
Due Date: December 09, 2020.
Total Marks: 10
Weightage: 05
Topic: “Macro Environment Analysis”
Case Study
ABC Company deals in electronic equipment. Recently the Company ABC has developed a new tablet
computer that is providing significant advantages over other products of same category in the market. Its
features are:
Screen size 10.8 inches.
 Display Resolution 1920×1280.
 Device RAM Size 6 GB along with a slot for additional storage.
 Hard Size 128 GB.
 Device has an additional battery and 3 USB ports.
 A sound processor and speakers.
The ABC Company wants to sale their new products to retailers and consumers both. But Company needs to make macro environment analysis
before launching in the market.
This device is required to assess that how following factors would impact this new launching of
ABC Company?
 Economic Environment
 Technological Environment
 Political and Legal Environment
 Cultural Environment
Provide strong justification against each above mentioned factors. You need to write in the
context of the scenario written above. Generic answers would be not entertained.
Copy and paste from handouts or internet will be given 0 marks straight away.



Download solution click here.doc

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